Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Sofia

This is Sofia. She's the person who gives me my second cup of coffee, four days a week (the husband always gives me the first cup). Sofia asked why I've never mentioned her in any of my blogs and I had to wonder to myself why I have never mentioned her in any of my blogs.
Sofia has enough personality for 20 people. Swear. When she first started managing the espresso kiosk in my building, I wasn't quite sure about her. Immediately, she started flipping me all kinds of grief. Whoa, damn, I thought. This lady can dish out more in 5 minutes than I can all day! I gave her my stare down, my furrowed brow, my cold glare, thinking it would send my don't-even-try-to-mess-with-me message. Wrong! This just fueled her fire. I didn't know what to think. I had met my match and more!

Within a few weeks I realized that although Sofia was all bark (like me), in reality, she was just a cuddly kitten. Her purr sounded like a bark, but it really was a purr.

She's a fantastic person and I'm damn glad to be her friend. She gives an amazing amount of her time to anybody who is in need, and never asks for anything in return. She makes us all laugh, and my lord... you should hear her laugh. It's astounding.

So here's to you tribute is short, but absolutely sincere. You so totally rule.

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heather v keeling said...

i love sofia too! and she doesn't even play a part in my caffeine program!