Sunday, July 12, 2009


man alive...i have been so non-bloggersome lately. chalk it up to nice weather, a heavy workload, and maybe a touch of sheer laziness (don't you hate people who blog about how they never blog?).

i have so many things that i'd like to write about lately that i'm a little overwhelmed. so i think i'll talk about some of the small, yet ridiculously happy things.

take this morning for instance. weekend mornings are usually spent in negotiation between aaron and myself about who will be riding and for how long and what happens after that (you know, like a house project or something). so it's sunday morning and we're drinking coffee while still in pjs and watching the kids make each other laugh when i tell aaron he may as well kit up and go for a ride. he looked at his kids and then me and announced that it was time to get dressed and head out for some family time.

sweet! i love family time!

it was cloudy and cool (whoo hoo!) and we loaded up to drive over to west seattle to tool around. usually when we venture to west seattle it's to see the keelings, but they were off for a anniversary weekend in SF. so we just drove around, looking at all the houses and places we've never seen before. it was great. we felt like we were in another city entirely (and west seattle folks are pretty proud of that).

we meandered around a bit, looking for the famed bakery nouveau. we found it, amidst a rainy summer street fair. a little rain doesn't do much to deter northwesters, so there were kids and dogs and the like all over. there was a line out the door to get into the bakery. now i know that this bakery is fantastic as i have been the recipient of many pastries...a frequent gift from a lovely co-worker, jim young. i, like many people, have a love/hate/love relationship with pastries. there's a lot more love than hate. anyway, here's a big line, it's raining, we have one kid ready for melt down and maybe one adult on the way too. do we wait? heck yes! and i tell you, it was worth it! first of all, the cool counter waiter took a moment to look at all of us and say, "dear lord you are a handsome family". so nice to hear! we got our goods (our eyes were bigger than our stomachs) and looked around at the cramped quarters for a free table. none to be had. i've got true on my hip, an oversize bag with spare clothes, diapers, etc around my shoulder, a bag of pastries in my hand. aaron's got luca on his hip, steaming americanos in his hand, and the counter clerk is holding our lunch, waiting for us to decide where we are sitting. kids are squirming...i'm looking desperate...and a very kind and gracious woman offers us her table, even though she clearly is not ready to leave. but she does and i'm grateful and relieved. and then we sit, and enjoy one of the best lunches we've had in quite a while. luca too, chewing on pizza, much to the amazement of his parents.

we loaded back into the car and set off for jason and meg's alki condo. here's a great part of our trip....aaron is playing patsy cline, and true is singing along. kid you not not. now he's a few paces back in terms of the tune and words, but we were equally amused and amazed that our son is able to listen to a song on the radio, and sing it back to us. such a simple thing, but quite wonderful when coming from your 3 year old. and patsy cline no less!

we arrive at jason and meg's swanky pad and i'm just thinking god i hope that luca doesn't spit up and true doesn't break something. jason and meg have great style as well reflected in the condo furnishings. i just loved all the cool artwork, and true loved the sleek and very comfortable couch. true was a little worked up, but he was absolute putty in meg's hands as she spent most of the hour we were there playing gorilla catch with him. he had an audience in meg, but she knew just how to play him to keep him entertained and in control. it was a nice break for aaron and myself! our hosts poured me a mimosa (yah, two americanos followed by a mimosa...feeling pretty good...) and aaron another cup of coffee (he is, after all, from green bay). i could have sat there all day and been quite happy, but the kids were just about hitting meltdown mode, so off we went.

on our way home true asks if we are going back to jason's house and informs us that he thinks we should. it's nice when your kid enjoys hanging out with adults!

the rest of the day is pretty uneventful (naps for true, luca, me...fence building for aaron)...but still just as wonderful as anything. we love our busy full throttle lives, but these days when we slow it down, take a breath, and look around, we feel so lucky to have everything that we do.

(what? you didn't think i had it in me to be a sap?)

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// jl.clark said...

True | Luca:
You two sweethearts are welcome at the Alki Condo whenever you would like. I would even encourage you to bring your two handsome escorts. Until we see each other... listen to these guys.

...and True... Vans wrote me and said my version of the "Officially Unofficials" are in the mail.

Love: Meg | Monkey & Jason