Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friday Night Sights

Luca, wearing Gabe's dope hat

True, Enzo, Petra, enjoying buckets as headwear

Lately we have been picnicking at Greenlake on Friday nights (for those of you not familiar with Seattle, this is a small man made lake about 7 blocks from our house, complete with a few beaches, wading pool, and a good running/walking/cycling path all the way around..3 miles).
It's so great to relax and enjoy some food and refreshments with anybody that happens to show. It's particularly great when a bunch of kids show up and then we know True will be entertained for hours.

This past week the Keelings came along with E and M, who are so completely cute and so fun right now that it's unreal. I really am happy that the Keelings have moved to Seattle and I really am happy to watch the twins grow up. If you'd like to know more about the Keelings and the twins, check out Heather's blog (she's an awesome blogger).

Also this week at Greenlake were Uncle Lincoln and Nicola, the Herzogs, Konrad and Kristin (congrats you two!), Gabe and Tina and Enzo. The Erbecks were total bums and brought beer, but no food (uhm, we have priorities). Fortunately our friends had enough food to share!

The bocce ball tournie is a little hazy, but it happened and the only thing I remember is that any team I played on LOST. IN A BIG WAY. How is it that I can bowl, but I'm pretty lame at bocce?

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heather v keeling said...

i love the bucketheads! soooo cute!