Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The State of Things

Aaron is out of town. It's 88 degrees out. What does this mean?

1. the trash is piling up

2. the recycling is piling up

3. the food waste bin is getting pretty full

4. i haven't had a decent cup of coffee in 5 days

5. no use making dinner, we're eating ice cream instead

6. true is pretty bored hangin' out with just cranky ol' mom

Good thing Grandma Erbeck is coming tonight!


// jl.clark said...

you should buy these for True and Aaron. Will save on you having to leave the house. :-)

tracy erbeck said...

//jl.clark, who are you? you ride an IF?

// jl.clark said...

I am Aaron's friend Jason. from rivulet industries... you commented about True's birthday bacon...

I own an IF, yes.

// jl.clark said...

tracy erbeck said... it. i thought as much, and should have known! nice to meet you in person last weekend!