Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goodbye sweet sweet KHS

(north cascade, tonia, me..riding my beloved khs during the white bar tape era)

my very first road bike was stolen off the front porch today. i've stored it on a hook out there for years, so it was somewhat surprising, but i guess not really.

while i only rode her in winter as my commuter, she still has a special place in my heart, and always will. i trained many miles on that bike, down tube shifters and all. i did my very first road race on that bike. people laughed at me...nobody races on down tube shifters! i didn't care, i loved my blue bike and i aimed to stomp on all those girls who smirked so smugly at me when as we rolled out to the start line (i didn't end up doing any stomping, but i sure had fun).

i got hit three different times riding that bike. but she always came through, with just a few more scratches to add to her character.

i rolled over the top of north cascade highway at least 4 times on that bike. i've ridden that bike to portland twice. she's been around lake tahoe a few times. i couldn't even count how many times she made the trip around lake washington. or up cougar. or out to maple valley. and don't even get me started on mercer island.

that bike got stolen one time from my office on captial hill. i'll never forget how my heart raced when i saw her being ridden down the street by some thief. and i ran as fast as a punk rocker in high heels could and my heart sank when that thief rounded a corner and i could no longer see him. i made fliers and rode all over downtown looking for her. i called every pawn shop within 50 miles daily. amazingly, she was spotted weeks later and then promptly stolen back and returned to me.

i even sold that bike and then bought it back. that's how much i loved her.

every year when winter rolled around i would hang up the summer bike, and i'd saddle up on her and every time it felt like putting on my favorite, old, sweatshirt. perfect and comfortable and all mine.

she's seen a lot of new bar tape over the, orange, blue, white, green and her newest, pink. she always looked so good and fresh with new bar tape, like i just gave her a cute haircut.

i've never changed anything else on her, except for worn out brake pads, saddles, tires. but last winter, aaron put some *old lady* bars on her to get my position upright to accommodate my expanding baby belly. i was slow, but i was happy. i couldn't reach those down tube shifts, so i stayed in one gear. it was all i needed.

aaron's super sweet "brittany" bike was stolen too. it's the bike he uses with the Ibert in order to ride true around town. it wasn't worth much, but it sure made true happy. which is worth a million to us.

i feel like today we lost some of our innocence. and i pity the person who took those bikes if i were to ever run into them. after all, my heart hurts.

at least i hope they take care of those bikes and create some of their own good memories. the old khs deserves a good life.


GayleBer said...

Oh, that's terrible. I hate that. Let's hope they turn up somewhere if for no other reason than to return your faith.
have you taken your tandem off the porch?

tracy erbeck said...

the tandem is in hiding. stealing "calypso" would be like stealing my wedding ring. i'd find that fool and they'd be sorry.

To Blog or Not to Blog said...

It sounds like the KHS has 9 lives and maybe hasn't made it through all 9 yet. Maybe it will be back.........