Thursday, May 21, 2009

New PackPack

Look! My new PackPack (as True calls it)! For my 40th bday, yes a few years ago, Aaron gave me a gift certificate to R.E.Load bags, who make super cool custom messenger bags. I went into the Seattle R.E.Load within a few weeks of getting my present to order my bag and I found myself absolutely paralyzed with indecision. There were so many options, so many colors, so many add ons, so many sizes, so many bells and whistles and my head was spinning! I thought about my bag for over two years and I always came back to the same bag design and colors. So I finally did it. I ordered my bag (not without panic when I found the Seattle store closed, but fortunately the Phillie store honored the gift certif), and yesterday it arrived. It's everything I hoped for and more. I'll miss my big ol' yellow ortleib with the faded sticker, "Girls Love Dirt", but the old faithful will have a good home with Uncle Lincoln.

Now my only problem is that I have to behave on my bike, no more telling car drivers that they are #1 with my middle finger since my name is boldly emblazoned across the entire width of my back! And now the other commuters that I pass will have a name to associate with the girl that considers every ride to work to be a race.

Incidentally, I had a R.E.Load bag made for Aaron for his birthday too, I'll post a picture of that one soon. Check out R.E.Load's fine work here and order yourself a custom bag!

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To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Oh man,I need a new pack pack too (still using Ortleib). It's beautiful, though you're very brave getting white!