Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blogger Lagger

i know. i've been a bad blogger for over a month! honestly, what can i say? i actually LOVE to blog...but my attention has really been focused more on finding a caregiver for Luca with my imminent return to work (more on that later).

anyway, a million things have happened, i'll sum it all up:

luca and i went to tahoe (thus, the pics). we had a spectacular visit with recanzone grandparents and with long time family friends, Janet, Amy, Don. i have had this draft of a post about the weekend waiting to get published forever but every time i read it i find it boring. i tried and tried to summarize the events (wine, food, general hilarity, a trip to the emergency room for mom ) but i was never able to catch the essence of what was to me, a weekend to remember! i'd just like to give a shout out to Janet and Amy, mother/daughter comedic team extraordinaire, who made my abs sore from laughter. seriously, these two should put together a routine and take it on the road. they'd make hundreds of dollars and probably get free drinks.

grandma erbeck came to visit. and i don't think i changed a dirty diaper that entire time. true couldn't bring himself to say goodbye when we took kathleen to the airport.....poor kid has a hard time with goodbyes. i wasn't sure if he realized she was actually leaving until that night he said something like this, "we took grandma to the airport. and i didn't kiss her goodbye. and that made her sad. and i'm sad too". HEART BREAKING!

luca rolls over

luca grabs things in his hands (and subsequently puts these items in is mouth)

luca is teething

luca will not nurse or take a bottle if anybody in the room is eating. he's far too interested in the food!

and drum roll please.....

we hired a nanny!

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