Friday, March 6, 2009

Mt Baldy

Luca has some interesting hair going on these days. He was born with a nice head of light brown hair, short up top and a little longer in the back. It truly was the perfect infant mullet. Now he's losing everything on the sides (not the top, nor the mullet), and the new stuff coming in is very light blond. This gives the appearance of a stripe from ear to ear that is bald. Add in the fact (as pictured) that he has an actual very bald spot, with the mullet looking like it's not going anywhere... well, we have one very righteous hair style.
(and geez, is that an ear or a piece of cauliflower?)

1 comment:

James m. Erbeck said...

Grandpa thinks that baby Luca is trying to be like daddy and have dredlocks.