Wednesday, March 18, 2009


we said our goodbyes to lucy tonight.

she was a true loyal friend to aaron, and for years she was his constant companion.
lucy was gracious enough to accept me and our children as part of her clan and even as our family expanded, lucy always had room in her heart to accept and give more love. she never needed nor asked for much, but she gave all of herself in return.

goodbye our friend, we thank you for all that you have taught us, all of the protection that you gave to us, all of the warmth you shared with us.

you are missed.

(photo by heather v keeling)


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

What a great picture! Good bye Lucy we'll miss you lots.

Lots of love Otto and Roberta

heather v keeling said...

we love lucy, and have so many fond memories of our times with her. i know her friend adie will miss her even more than we will.
goodbye, sweet girl.