Tuesday, March 10, 2009

flu bug

poor true has been down for the count with the flu! aside from about a billion colds this is really his first time being pretty sick. he was so sad when he would throw up (all of us were, certainly me and luca, who were in the line of fire more than once). but he was so cute and cuddly ("momma, i want to holds you") that it made the cleaning up part not so bad. we spent all monday snuggling. by monday night, he thought he felt better and his dad fed him some crackers and ice cream. i saw the crackers and ice cream again, tuesday morning, all over my freshly showered self.

we spent the better part of tuesday curled together on the couch, reading book after book after book and all over again. i watched true start to drift off into a deep slumber when his head nodded, his eyes popped open (oh crap, i thought, here goes the puke again...), he bolted upright and demanded a bowl of oatmeal. well all right! he ate, kept his food down, and all of a sudden he was back to his old self (cute and demanding).

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