Sunday, March 15, 2009

Erbeck down! Erbeck down!

i should have known that true's flu bug would make the rounds to each family member...but after a day and aaron, luca and myself had no signs of sickness i thought we were golden. wrong!

aaron sustained the first blow, with the bug hitting him on thursday at work. he came home, ran a bath of impossibly hot water and shivered in it for 45 minutes. he then layered himself in wool clothing and a down jacket only to shiver the rest of the night. he did go to work the next day, but found himself coming home by noon.

and i was so smug...thinking that i'd been so smart by getting the flu shot and i wouldn't get sick. ha! on friday afternoon i loaded luca up in the buggie to make my excursion to pick up true at school. half way there my stomach was in knots. half way back home the flu had taken full effect, and i left my lunch on some body's curb (sorry!). i crawled home, dumped the kids off into aaron's arms and curled up on the couch, with a multitude of blankets, but i sitll couldn't get warm.

i was so miserable. and everything that i was going through, i realized that i had watched true go through only a few days before. and now that i was feeling it myself, i was anguished that my son had to go through it. i was even more anguished that he was sick sometime in the night, alone, in his bed. i can't help but wonder if he called out to me and i didn't hear him, or if he was too weak to call out. either way, i know that as i lay there with waves of nausea, all i wanted was my mother, and i'm sure true felt that same way. and i wasn't there for him.

aaron was such a trooper, still sick, he wrangled kids and his demanding wife (even going to the store to get me some ginger ale, a flu must have holdover from my youth).

you might ask, how did luca fair? hard to know how badly he felt, and i'll spare you the gory details, but i'll tell you that we were changing diapers at an accelerated rate.

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