Wednesday, February 25, 2009

luca at two (months that is)

the kid smiles a lot these days, but i can't seem to capture it with the camera. i just don't have the patience, nor the talent of my friend Heather (, who manages to get awesome shots of her kids, displaying all kinds of baby antics (she's a pro). i'll keep trying, but no promises.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

luca's 2 month check

hey, i'm happy to report that little luca had a good report card from his doctor. he's thriving (hooray!), and the doc says that he's unusually strong (i had to ask if he meant strong was good for half smile from our very busy doctor). aaron has commented before that he thought luca was really strong, but me, i just notice his super sweet demeanor. i just love to cuddle with him and smile with him and listen to him coo. he particularly likes to coo and kick around when his big brother pays attention to him...turns out that true and luca are smitten with one another! i think these two will be pretty good friends.

Kevin Black Memorial Training Camp

over the weekend, we over packed our trusty westphalia to spend three days at west beach resort on orcas island. our team, alki-rubicon, holds a training camp there every year in an effort to get our winterized butts (soft and pear shaped) in gear for the up comping race season. we do put in a good effort on the bikes...but really, our efforts are more about beer and bonfires than anything.

i love this tradition and spend a great deal of time fretting about what kind of shape i'm in, and whether or not i'll be able to hang with the boys. this year, however, i found myself in a grim post partum state, and i scaled back on my goals. it was a nice to not stress while riding, and i found that the rides i did do where challenging enough! what i missed the most, however, was grandma erbeck's presence....her grandmotherly skills tend to make the weekend a lot easier and aaron and i had some serious slack to pick up.

first of all...let's talk about extreme packing. extreme packing occurs whenever you're packing for a family of four plus a dog, multiple sports (and two disciplines within one of the sports), and you live in the northwest (it could rain, it could snow, it could be must prepare for all weather conditions regardless if it is january or july).

here's a brief summary of our extreme packing:

5 bikes (mountain bike for me, road bike for me, road bike for aaron, road bike with fenders for aaron, scoot bike for true)

3 skateboards (regular board for aaron, long board for true and aaron, regular board for true, plus a bag of pads, etc, all necessary for riding at the skate park)

5 helmets (cycling helmet for me, cycling helmet for aaron, skateboard helmet for aaron, skateboard helmet for true, cycling helmet for true)

1 suitcase (for aaron, full of cycling clothing....jerseys, shorts, knickers, jackets, arm warmers, leg warmers, socks, shoes x 2, pain killers)

1 soft bag (for aaron, full of his civilian clothing...remember, this is the northwest and requires packing for all conditions)

1 messenger bag (for me, full of cycling clothing....see aaron's list above, duplicate)

1 duffel bag (for me, full of civilian clothing, in full preparation for ANY event, in ANY shoes to go with it all...this was a BIG bag)

1 large plastic tub (for true and luca's clothes...3 changes of clothing a day, plus jackets for any weather, mittens, hats, a bazillion socks, diapers, pjs)

1 small backpack (or *packpack* as true calls it....crammed with books and toys for the never know what he can or can not live without for the weekend. and yes, i failed. i forgot to pack his shovel, his chika chika boom boom, his cement truck, and his red wheel, as opposed to the yellow one which i DID pack)

2 canvas bags (packed with groceries, including every snack known to mankind. and yes, i failed again, i forgot the blackberry jam)

1 cooler (filled with beer, barely enough room for milk and yogurt. we do, after all, have our priorities)

7 blankets (true's two must have blankies, aaron's must have wool blankie, my must have down comforter, luca's must have fleece swaddles)

2 pillows (my must have, and true's must have that grandma erbeck made for him...we can't leave home without it)

2 diaper bags (one cute one for me, one plain one for aaron)

2 baby carriers (a sling, which luca prefers for when he's fussy at night, a bjiorn which i prefer for his daytime outings)

2 car seats (one for true, one for luca)

1 white noise machine (absolutely vital if i am to get any sleep at all....otherwise luca is up every two hours demanding to be fed)

1 high res expensive camera (that we did had to dust off to bring and that we did not use....hence the single photo along with this post, taken at my instance with aaron's i-phone)

i think that's it....keep in mind it took us longer to pack than it did to arrive at our destination, which included a drive in full traffic and a ferry crossing! aaron took a good look at the van and declared that 1/3 of everything we own was in the van. i recolied at the thought but that had to concur.

the weekend was worth the effort and it was great to catch up with all of our team and their families. we're pretty lucky to be on a team that recognizes the importance of significant others and kids. it's not all about the bike!

*** note about the name of our camp, Kevin Black Memorial Training Camp. Kevin was on our team, and a good friend to both aaron and myself. he was recently killed in a collision with a van while riding his bike to work. this leaves two young girls without their father, and a sea of people without their friend. we miss him dearly, and it feels right to name a great tradition in his honor. i'm certain he would approve of weekend festivities, especially the beers and bonfires.

here's to you Kevin, wherever it is that you may be.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday

My boys, all three of them, took off for a pancake breakfast at Gabe and Enzo's abode, meeting up with Jaxon, Ethan and Dave Rider. This gave me a little Sunday morning time to myself. Can you imagine the luxury?!

My mind was racing with all the nice things I could do for myself in the 3 hour window of opportunity...maybe a pedicure-nah, those are too quick and wouldn't fill up the time. What about a long hot bath- nope again- the current brown ring around the tub would require a good scrub before a soak and I just didn't have it in me. Possibly a ride on the bike- eh, possibly, but Aaron's not around to pull my bike down, check it out, lube it, bring it upstairs for me. I was still determined to do mind was racing...I was looking around the house and I realized that I had a week's worth of laundry to fold (some mistake it for a small mountain range forming on the top of our dryer), a day's worth of dishes (similar mountain range, different texture), an ocean of toys to organize, all floors need to be mopped (imagine something like singletrack running through your house) and.......ENOUGH! I had to get out of there and out fast before the vortex of stay-at-home-motherly duties sucked me and tricked me into thinking I had something to accomplish!!!!

All of a sudden getting my bike down and giving it the once over didn't seem so hard. 20 minutes later I was in my kit (ok, Aaron's kit as my cycling clothing is still rather small for my post-partum body) and hopping on my trusty Indie Fab for a quick ride around Magnolia. I'm out of shape (understatement), but pedaling up those hills seemed better facing down the house chores. I think I made the right choice.

anyway...the picture above is from True's morning with his friends. good times!