Friday, January 9, 2009

Luca's 2 week checkup

Luca went to the doctor a few days ago for a two week check up. Bad news is that he has an upper respiratory infection. Although minor, it is cause for having to plunge out the little guy's nose 3-4 times a day. He deals with it with relative composure. ***note to newborn mothers (as if you didn't already know) insist that anybody who handles your baby wash their hands first.

Now for the great news- Luca has gained over a pound and a half since birth. This, in just 2.5 short weeks. The doctor called him a rockstar eater...I'm not sure I'd call him a rockstar, since I'm the one who has him attached to me for what seems like endless hours a day (sorry for that visual). While I may be tired, and I may complain, I am very happy that Luca is so easily fed. I know that we'll settle into a good rhythm soon. And I'm looking forward to the day.

Luca is also to the point now where he can where all the newborn clothing that his friend Emmett let him borrow. Thanks Heather!

True is still happy about having a little brother. He kisses and hugs him and says, "Baby, I loves you". It will be great to watch them laugh and play and tackle each other. I hope they are best friends.

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