Wednesday, January 28, 2009

and my heart melted....

Luca has been caught with small smiles in the past week...but they still didn't seem like the "real" thing. Today all of that has changed. Luca just caught me as I glanced at him, he locked onto my eyes with his and smiled as big as his cute little mouth could. I jumped back, it shocked him, and he had a look like "oh no, I did something wrong!" I immediately smiled back and laughed and the kid smiled again! And again!

Ok Luca, you win. My heart is yours. I will never silently curse during your 4:00a.m. feeding again. I'm yours forever.


jodi said...

Wow Tracy, Luca is absolutely beautiful! Congrats again. Hope you are all doing well and staying warm. :)


sofia said...

put that in writing at 4 am tonight