Wednesday, December 23, 2009

big boy haircuts

true has been going to have his hair cut (no, i won't let dad near him with the clippers) to a kids' style place for the past two years. they charge an unreasonable amount of money, but your kid gets to sit in a dolphin chair, watch videos, and then play in the playroom (which, by my standards, isn't really clean enough). they always ask how to cut it, i always tell them, but what i always get is either haircut A, B, or C. i've never seen them do anything but three different cuts. and i don't like any of them.

then it dawns on aaron...why doesn't true get his cut at the barber shop, where the stylists are hip and fun and it doesn't cost a ton of cash. brilliant! aaron is brilliant!

true was a little bummed about not getting to jump into a container of grimy plastic balls and play in the little house, but as far as i'm concerned, he's never going back. i love his new cut!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

luca at one

a letter to luca


Hi Luca.

In just a few hours, you will be one year old. It’s so cliché to say…but really, this year has blown by and you are growing up so fast.

For a year I’ve tried to sit down and write your birth story…but I’ve either been too busy, lazy, or likely both. But it really is a unique story, so I am determined to not rob you of the tale of the night that you came into this world.

Let me set the you know, Seattle doesn’t see a lot of snow. But sometimes, the atmosphere aligns, and we are fortunate enough to experience the white, cold, magical snow. I love snow. And in December of ’08, we had a lot of it in Seattle! So the streets were icy, the city was quiet, the air was bitingly cold.

In a lull between storms, we (your big brother, your father, myself), headed out the door to a Christmas party at the Stonich/Kessler home. It was the evening of December 18th, 2008, and at the point, I was four days overdue. I felt big and bloated, and I was really ready to meet you. I had done everything I could think of in an effort to encourage labor. Nada. No signs of your readiness to show up.

At the party, it was all I could do to sit in a big comfy chair and try to act pleasant. I was happy, but I wasn’t particularly comfortable. True was having a blast playing with the train set and his friends, your dad was happily toasting friends, eating food, making merry (as they say). At some point, Dad headed out the door to go sledding. He returned bleeding, with a cut chin. It looked painful. We headed home, it was late, True was ready for bed. Your dad asked, “Are we gonna have a baby tonight?” Sadly, I said no, I didn’t think it was going to happen. He took a pain medication to numb the sting of the cut on his chin, and went to bed.

I settled into the guest room (when you are big and pregnant, it’s hard to sleep near anybody else…it’s too hot). I turned out the light, let out a sigh, and tried to sleep (near impossible at that point…good prep for the months to come). It must have been close to midnight. As I drifted off, dreaming of mountain biking and running, I was abruptly awakened by a GUSH of liquid down my legs. I grappled to pull my heart back into my chest and I thought to myself, “game on!”

I grabbed my cell phone and texted your dad, “water broke”, and I started fishing around for my suitcase, packed with everything I would need for the hospital. Your dad came stumbling up the stairs in a frantic rush, “let’s go!” I hadn’t started contracting yet, so I wasn’t in such a rush and while we waited for Dave Rider to come over to stay with True, I started vacuuming, doing laundry, changing the sheets on the bed. Dave arrived and I continued my cleaning efforts. I was obsessed with insuring the house was in order for our return from the hospital. Hello hormones! Dave and Dad looked on in disbelief.

I called the hospital and let them know we were on the way, but I wasn’t contracting. It must have been a quiet night around there, as they said to come on in (directly opposing True’s birth, where they made me stay home until the contractions were 5 minutes apart). We loaded up the van (whoo hoo for the Synchro Westphalia) and started the 3.5 mile drive to UWMC. Three blocks down the road we realized we forgot the camera, so I insisted that your dad turn around and go back home to retrieve. He didn’t want to, but I INSISTED. And you know how I can be.

Mission accomplished, we began our short drive again. This time, I had my first contraction a block from the house. Bloody hell! My eyes were wide and I started to panic as I grabbed Aaron’s arm and squeezed until it was over. I had conveniently forgotten how much having a baby hurts! Aaron drove faster. I would have expected my next contraction to be 10-20 minutes later, but it came in no less than 5 minutes. “Uh oh”, I thought, “This is going to be fast and furious”.

We pulled into the *passenger pick up only* zone and parked. You gotta love your dad for breaking some rules. I remember feeling anxious, yet happy. I remember looking at your father and feeling overwhelmed with love for him. And I remember thinking, “Damn, this is starting to really hurt”.

We made it up to the maternity ward (and why, oh why would they put the maternity ward way down the hall and UP 5 flights?), and checked in at the front desk. They brought us to an exam room, which they usually do before they admit you to a birth and delivery room. I told them right then and there to check us straight in to a delivery room and to call our doctor. They resisted, and we ended up going into the exam room. I rolled my eyes and looked at Aaron. He shrugged his shoulders.

In the exam room, a very young looking girl wearing scrubs and a white coat walked in and introduced herself as the attending doctor. HUH? I almost blurted out, “How old are you!” but I was still showing some semblance of self control. Again, Aaron and I look at each other and again, he shrugs.

Little girl doctor announces she will examine me. I counter that it is not needed, that I am in labor. She protested, needing to know if my water “actually” broke. (WTF?!) I firmly inform her that indeed, my water broke, I know what I am doing, and she does not need to examine me. She counters with threats to not move me into a delivery room until I am examined. I relented here, and let her attempt an exam. Attempt is the key word. She was so green, so new at her job and I was in so much pain that I stopped her mid-exam.

Little girl doctor says that she needs to know how dilated I am in order to have a baseline. A baseline? A baseline for what? I ask her this. I tell her that I am a reasonable woman and if she can provide me with a reasonable answer, I will concede. This really throws her off and she starts to look even younger to me. Your dad decides to get in the action and calmly states that they need to get me a room, and do it now. They obey…I guess perhaps they thought I was irrational, but your dad (not in the throws of labor) was probably rational.

I finally get settled in to the delivery room when the contractions start piling on top of each other. There is no break in between. I’m exasperated…this sucks! And in the middle of this all, the nurse is attempting to stick an IV port into a vein in my hand and she misses. A few times. Honestly, that pain was absolutely NOTHING compared to the contractions. I didn’t even flinch. But your dad on the other hand…well, he doesn’t like needles much and probably not blood and my arm is all needles and blood. He starts to turn white.
Then they tell me that they can’t reach our doctor. I would have started to panic, but I am SCREAMING at everybody and using every foul word known to man. Nothing really registers. I beg for an epidural. I plead. I demand. And I vaguely remember thrashing around. I’m all over the place, trying to get calm, trying to get comfortable. Up, down, sideways, on the floor, on the bed, crouched down, fetal position. You name it, I tried it. Your dad was holding both of my hands and I’m banging my head against his chest and he starts to sway, his knees start to buckle (remember, he was dealing with his own pain…he had a sliced chin from a sledding incident). The nurses have keyed in and Aaron hands me off to them as he staggers out of the room before he faints. Honestly, I don’t even notice.

At what seems like a glacial pace, the anesthesiologist shows up to start my epidural. He’s asking a million questions and I can’t for the life of my figure out why. I can’t talk; I just want him to hurry! I scream at him, “NOW IS A REALLY GREAT TIME TO GET THIS THING GOING!” He looks at me, and very calmly tells me that he’s not making small talk, and he’s not enjoying our conversation at all, but he needs the answers in order to proceed. I roll my eyes and scream some more and answer his questions and then I just start whimpering…the pain is so intense.

It all becomes so hazy and foggy now…but I remember feeling you starting to come out. But I really wanted that epidural, so I didn’t tell anybody you were descending or they would have told me it was too late. The nurse warned me that we could not proceed if I was feeling any sort of downward pressure and I lied! Luca, I lied and it was easy! I really really wanted an epidural!

Then boom, they get it in, they kick up the dosage and I’m screaming that I can still feel everything and why can’t they get it right?!!! The nurses tell me that they’ve lost your heartbeat (I’m hooked up to monitors on my belly that keep track of your heart rate). They start ordering me around, telling me how to position myself. I refuse, I mean, after all, I’m in charge here. Luca, I honestly did not understand the potential severity of the situation. Next thing I know, there is a woman in my face yelling at me- “Mrs. Erbeck! You must turn over right now! This is for the health of your baby! You must do it for your baby!”

Well, heck, that’s all they had to say in the first place. I think that somebody actually taking the turn to do the yelling vaulted me back to reality. Of course. Of course I will turn over and I will do it right now. I did. And I looked up and the room was FULL of people in scrubs, scrubbing. They were wearing those funny paper hats and paper booties over their shoes…just like those guys in the hospital dramas on TV. Then the realization that they are preparing for surgery…they think this is going to go c-section! This is when the panic and fear twist together the produce the adrenalin needed to be a team player…to focus on getting my job done. It is that precise moment that I know I must be a good girl…I must do what the nurses and doctors say, and I must push my little baby out.
My focus was so intense, that I noticed nothing and nobody in the room. I don’t even know what I saw. Maybe the dull and very dim first rays of light. It was over so quick…1 push. 2 push. 3 push. 4 push. And that was it, there you were. It must have been all over 2 minutes. It was 4:30 am.

And in walks Heather. Let me tell you some things about Auntie Heather. Did you know that some 2.5 year earlier, she was in a car, well on her way to a camping vacation with Uncle G when they got the call that I was going into labor with your brother. Did you know that they turned that car around and drove all the way to Seattle so that she could photograph the event? She did! And for you, wee Luca, she got up in the middle of the night, fed her 6 mos old babies, and drove on ICY roads to come and take photos of you, of us. I’m ever so grateful that she did. Those images invoke a flood of emotion…I can’t even explain.

By the way…the epidural finally kicked in full force, but you were already out. I was feeling so good then that I decided I better start apologizing to everybody that I had been incredibly rude to during labor. First up- the little young doctor girl, who was the one who ended up catching you. Then the nurses. Then the anesthesiologist. Then your dad. Thankfully they are used to the abuse!

Your dad gave you a bath, they brought you over to me and our bond was instant. You were so calm, so wide awake, so aware. You must have been awake for over 20 minutes. This, wee Luca, was amazing. All that I wanted to do was keep you safe, warm, happy and healthy. I pledged myself to you, just as I did to your brother when he was born.

We’re not sure how, but I ended up with a black eye. I think it was from the pushing. So imagine my black eye, your dad’s cut chin…and people must have wondered if they should be calling child protective services. We were quite a pair.

Your dad and I snuggled up and got cozy with you as the sun was starting to bring light and life to the day. The Husky stadium was washed in brilliant gold. It was the first sun Seattle had seen in weeks. And it seemed only proper, that you Luca, your name meaning “light”, were born on the shortest, darkest day of the year…which just happened to be filled with brilliant, beautiful light.

You are, Luca, truly a bright spot in our lives.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

And he walks...

yep, the night before the wee Luca's first birthday, he decides to take up walking. his first trip was the 4 steps over to his daddy's beer.
figures it would be a beer that would motivate him....he is, after all, an erbeck.

in true's words

true says to his dad this morning, "dad, i want some grandma jam on my toast please". aaron roots around in the fridge for a while, checks the pantry, comes back with a jar of fancy fig jam and says, "true, this is all we have". true says, "uh, no thanks. i only like to eat grandma jam".

(this post was specifically for the pleasure of grandma erbeck...and not meant to send her to the stove in an effort to whip up some jam...)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

oh well

luca's gift to true for his first night in the newly shared room was...puking all over the place. not once, but twice.
luca was so ill that the next night true had to sleep in the same room with aaron, luca in his new room, me on the couch- poised to tend to luca should he need me.
so our "let's finally get some sleep" plan was ambushed by a stomach virus.
we'll try again....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Silent Night

we moved luca into true's room tonight (of course, now the room is known as true and luca's room). we'll see how it goes. maybe true will sleep right through luca's 3-4 times a night wake ups. with no monitor, you bet i will!

Oh Merry Christmas!

our lovely little street has many home holiday light displays. many of them are quite beautiful and elegant, some are not. directly across the street, gene and vern cram every light and plastic decoration possible onto their little lawn. it's quite a sight...and the reason that we don't have to bother turning on a porch light during the month of december. one of my friends even asked if we were nervous about letting our kids get to close (never thought of that, but true is looking curiously tan these days...)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

miracle on 81st St

my grinchy husband hung chirstmas lights AND played christmas music. this is nothing short of a miracle since it was; unsolicited, there was zero nagging involved, it's WAY before december 15th (which is the norm....when aaron has grown weary of my nagging and he realizes i'm not giving up until the lights are hung and vince guraldi's charlie brown christmas is softly playing in the background).

i have a pretty good feeling about christmas 2009.....

and more....

some great pictures from auntie gayle!
before the onslaught...

it's on!

luca picks out some books

aaron reads the books to true

and skyler takes over the reading

Friday, November 27, 2009

giving thanks

i asked aaron if he had a photo that i could include in my thanksgiving blog posting. he sent me this.

of course i was asking for a shot of our thanksgiving day dinner (a tradition with keelings for the past 5 years), but the photo above is a perfect depiction of the starting point for so many things that i am thankful for....
1. my husband and his love
2. our first child, true, who was in my belly when this photo was taken
3. the enduring love that would help us to evolve to a family, and create another child, luca, who is such a joy
4. my friend heather,who took this picture, who along with her husband greg and twins emmett and magnolia, are our family
5. our blood family...the erbecks, the berens, the bartholomews, the recanzones. we're lucky to have the love and support of such fantastic family
6. bikes- while the picture is at the beach, we rode our bikes to get there. it may seem trivial, but we love bikes and freedom and strength that we feel from riding them.

(we had a great day, a great stress-free and delicious dinner! aaron's turkey was awesome, auntie gayle's brussel sprouts ruled, heather's yam-yum and stuffing absolutely fantastic, greg's rolls were mouth-watering and buttery and dreamy, nicola and skyler's apple and pumpkin pies to-die-for!!!! my potatoes were decent and gravy delicious (thanks to uncle g), but bragging on a thanksgiving day ode is not allowed)

lastly, a big shout out to auntie gayle for making the trek from LA and wrangling my children. it's quite a luxury to have time to do things like clean the bathroom and take a shower and put on a nice dress!

please see heather's blog for some pics of all the kids on thanksgiving day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

We love blueberries!

I made Aaron snap this picture of Luca enjoying blueberries with his lunch.

And then I look through my pictures and recall that I have one of True, close to the same age, enjoying blueberries with his lunch.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Luca went for a ride in the Ibert with his daddy for the first time last weekend! He was wide eyed and silent, and we think he probably had a pretty good time.

Just for a little history, his a picture of True in the Ibert, 2 years ago!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


true's preschool learned all about hibernation this week. for show and tell, the kids came in pajamas and brought a stuffed bear for the hibernation cave. this is a picture of true all ready for his school day. we only had to throw on his shoes and brush his teeth! it was fun to see the kids in their pjs, along with ms colleen and bella the dog, who wore pjs for the day too.

yeh, thanks matt

it's always a pleasure to have a visit from matt alford, our favorite neighbor (along with his lovely wife, jenny). he came over on sunday and spent a great deal of time with true, spelling names with masking tape. where? oh. well, on our dining room floor. hmmmmm.
anyway, matt, a teacher, is a very patient man and they got through taped spellings of TRUE, MATT, LUCA, JENNY, AARON. this took a very long time! i even had time to make a second cup of coffee. true would periodically lose interest, then come back with fervor, then lose interest again. only to be back again. and matt remained the patient teacher.
thanks matt! dad was able to get a good amount of painting in (oh yeh, new dining room color!), and mom was able to drink her two americanos in peace.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

creative kids halloween!

a spider, a monkey, an ape, a hotdog, a pumpkin. and lots of fun at the creative kids halloween party!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

all quiet on the bathroom front

**hint**....when your baby disappears and all of a sudden is very quiet (aside from a few "mmmhhhhs")'s likley not a good thing. case in point, luca, taking off to the bathroom. me enjoying a quiet moment. then my horror, realizing it's just TOO QUIET. and voila. an entire roll of toilet paper, unrolled, and luca rolling around. he shrieks with pleasure when he sees me, he's just so proud of himself. true comes in and says, "uh oh baby, that's not funny. nooooo baby, it's not funny".
and then he proceeds to join luca in revelry.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

aaron's office

aaron hung some new artwork in his office. we're also in the process of having this print framed, along with a photo of aaron and true on a skateboard. the resemblance to this print by nikki mcclure is uncanny. it almost looks like we staged the photo to match the print but we didn't.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

all things plastic and bright

we've been having trouble getting luca to sleep on his although i hesitated, i went to a big box store and purchased a plasticky, lighty, music thing with the hope that it would help lull him to sleep. i brought the thing home and luca cared about it as much as he cares about the pope. BUT, TRUE on the other hand has adopted the glow worm as his "baby". "she" is named lucia (loo-shuh), and she likes to eat and sleep and she is a very quiet, very good baby (according to true). "my baby can not stand up on her own yet mama...but she will grow up and learn soon", says true. he's quite attached!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Uncle Lincoln

I've been meaning to post this here it is, finally. Not too long ago, our nanny needed the day off. Aaron and I were both slammed at work and really couldn't take a full day to care for the wee Luca. Since it was on a Friday, which Uncle Lincoln usually has off, I asked if he would care for Luca. Happily, Lincoln agreed! I was a bit nervous when leaving Lincoln asked, "Am I going to have to change a diaper?" But happily, it all was smooth sailing (aside from the fact that I wrote down the formula ratios incorrectly...whoops). It turns out that Lincoln has a great "way" with babies, and Luca was pretty happy with his nanny-uncle. The only one upset was True, who we sent off to preschool despite begging to stay home with his little brother and Uncle Lincoln.
Thanks Lincoln for helping us out!
And thanks to the support crew of Skylar and Nicola!

Friday, October 16, 2009

more pumpkin pics!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

pumpkin hunting

Miss Collen and kids

True and Maggie

true getting a pumpkin

aaron joined true's preschool in their annual pumpkin patch field trip. lucas, maggie, zoran, and true all had a great time picking out pumpkins, feeding animals, and taking a hayride. other parents to join were dan (maggie's dad) and liz (zoran's mom), and of course the fabulous ms colleen, who is true's teacher. the rain held off and the kids managed to keep the mud to a minimum...i'm told there was lots of puddle stomping!

a seagull, a monkey, a penny

these are the three things true put in my backpack before i left for work today. the seagull and the monkey, "so you don't get lonely mommy". the penny, "so you can have money for coffee".

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the center of the universe

of course at three years old, true thinks he is the center of the universe.
take for instance today....
true,luca and i are out getting some much needed espresso beans at our favorite coffee shop, lighthouse. the radio is on, the song is carly simon's "you're so vain".
true listens intently for a few minutes, then goes on to start beating his single drum stick on the ground (keeping time with the music). at this point, he's gathered a fair sized audience. then, the icing on the cake...he proceeds to sing..."you're so vain. i'll betcha think this song is about you. don't you. don't you...."
he may have jumbled up a few words of the chorus, but my god, the kid nailed it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

early learning

a few nights ago i was running luca's bathwater. he was crawling around, buck naked, having a good time. true came and peed in the toilet, flushed, took off. luca crawled over to the toilet, pulled himself up, and proceeded to pee all over the bottom of the commode.

is this a good sign? or simple coincidence? of course, i'm hoping for the former.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yurt camping at Tolt!

i've been wanting to camp at tolt (popular winter mountain biking spot near seattle), ever since they put in yurts about 2 years ago. this past weekend, that's exactly what we did! a whole crew went out there and it was a seriously great time, adults and kids alike were pleased with our time in the woods. we rode bikes, sang songs, ate good food, took long walks, rolled around in the grass, toasted marshmallows....etc....

check out heather's blog for great photos of the yurts, the kids, the bridge and more!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More conversations with True

This morning, as we area leaving the house for pre-school, my 3 year old says to me, "Dude, it's sooo sunny today! Awesome! But I really need my sunglasses!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

4 years

ahhhh....we were so young and in love. now we are so busy and in love. with two more erbecks to love.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

so pretty. oh so pretty.

i had a little lump removed from my eyelid yesterday. who knew such a little thing could cause such an intense removal procedure! and now, on this... my wedding anniversary day, i'm lookin' fine.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

true, the wise son

our friend matt had a little conversation with true the other day. matt told me that it went something like this:

matt- true, who is the smartest person at your house?
true- mommy

matt- true, who is the biggest person at your house?
true- daddy

matt- true, who is in charge at your house?
true- meeeeeee!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

dinner with a view

one of our favorite things to do on a nice sunday night is to go out for dinner in the van. we grab some take out, park at the beach, and watch the sun go down. luca used to sleep through the whole thing, but now he is an active participant. this cell phone shot is from the after dinner dance party.

True's new glasses

thanks for the cute gift jason!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

this face says it all!

the evidence of an 85 degree september seattle day!
some tears...check
watermelon juice...check

we had a great time at the Creative Kids preschool end of summer picnic! i love all the kids, the parents, and of course our teacher, ms colleen! aaron was out of town, so i went to the event with the kids and had luca on my hip all day, but never felt compelled to worry about true...he was BUSY!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


i never did get around to writing about our annual traverse, re traverse over the north cascade highway (early august). i think it must have been that the 3 day event was so eventful that i felt overwhelmed.

one of the better parts of the weekend was watching skyler entertain all of the little alki/rubicon kids. true layed claim to skyler early on, and had a hard time "sharing" her with the rider twins (but mom, she's MY skyler...i don't want to share MY skyler). it was kinda cute. i'm not certain if skyler digs true as much as he digs her, but she's the only person who could ever get true to wade chest deep into a lake! maybe skyler should start taking true to swimming lessons, she'd probably have better luck than us!

Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day.

labor day was true to its name for me. it seems like i spent all day long picking up toys, changing diapers, wiping down luca, wiping down luca's highchair, cleaning up after true, picking up toys, picking up toys, picking up was endless. i wanted to pull my hair out.

then, everything gets quiet...luca goes down for a nap...aaron takes true into the guest bedroom for a nap...i decide to join in and we're all snuggled under a heavy wool blanket. this is my reward.

aaron falls into a deep slumber (read=snoring), and true squirms between the two of us, making all kinds of *silent* noise. i tell true he must close his eyes and go to sleep or go to his own bed. he scrunches up his face as hard as he can and scrunches his eyes closed and he looks horribly uncomfortable. every few seconds he opens his eyes to a slit and glances at me sideways, then quickly resumes his super closed up, scrunched up face, hoping i didn't catch him. he repeats this for a good five minutes, me watching, and slowly, with each passing glance, his face relaxes, one little tiny muscle at a time until he is fully relaxed and deeply asleep. aaron and true then snore in unison...and while i find it a little funny, i realize that i find much more endearing then anything.

aaron wakes up. luca wakes up. true wakes up and the chaos resumes.

and then i decide that at aaron's suggestion, i am going to make good use of the eggplant in the fridge. eggplant parmesan it is! what a stupid endeavor for a woman already tried from a day of nothing, yet everything, although nothing to show for it.

here's how it goes and so you get an idea of how it goes, luca is on my hip for most of this process- slice the eggplant and soak in a heavily salted bowl of water. start the tomato sauce (simply a jar will not due- must add herbs, garlic, wine). drain the eggplant, salt it again and place in a colander to drain again. adjust luca to other hip. kiss true's boo boos. change his clothes because his pants got wet and he is freaking out. put luca and true in the living room with toys...tell them to behave. rinse eggplant. run into living room and remind true that he can't roll all over luca. kiss luca's boo boos. place eggplant slices on paper towels to dry. organize one pan with flour, one with beaten eggs, one with seasoned bread crumbs (not store bought). realize that you don't have eggs. it's far too late to abort mission, call in the troops (that would be aaron, wet and dirty from gutter cleaning and repair) and offer the choice of going to the store or watching the kids. find yourself going to the store. resume process. dredge eggplant in four, then egg, then breadcrumbs. brown each side (3 rounds to a pan). repeat. a hundred million times. realize the colossal size of one eggplant and wonder why jesus didn't give it away to that crowd on the hill instead of fish and bread. layer a casserole dish with sauce, eggplant, sauce, cheese, repeat. put it in the oven. look around the kitchen and wonder how every single dish, pan, surface is dirty.
clean. again. for the thousandth time that day.

i don't know how women (and now a lot of men) do it. how do people do this every day?! better yet, how do they do it and stay sane?

well, the eggplant came out and it looked good and smelled great and was fantastic. usually when i take on such a labor intensive dish, it fails. big time. the more time, effort, and $$ the more it's gonna suck. but i considered this a win when aaron had two helpings and true ate everything. even eggplant. my kid ate eggplant!

and then my husband says thanks for dinner and my first born says thanks for dinner and i'm left with another pile of dishes and i still have the laundry to finish and the floors to mop....and it's ok with me.

it really is.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Erbecks invade Aunt Gayle's peaceful retreat

auntie gayle was so nice to invite the west coast erbeck clan to cape meares for some oregon coast beach fun! we enjoyed everything from rain, sun, fog, good wine, cheap wine, good food, bad bacon, hiking, beach combing, bee stings, monopoly marathon, old maid, good beer, cheap get the idea. spending time with gayle is awesome, the kids love her, and we had the added bonus of lincoln, nicola, and skyler! thank you so much gayle!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


hey....luca got a tooth! it's just poking out and he's not very cooperative in letting me get a picture of it...but it's there. if things go anything like it did for true, then teeth will be popping up all over the place pretty quickly.
oh little wee luca!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

what's up with the erbeck kids

somebody asked me today what good things were going on with the kids. really, i wondered where to start. it just seems that every day i am amazed at something that the kids have accomplished, have said, haven't said, have eaten, etc....
even the little things are big events to this mom.

so here are a few of things to note:

luca is army crawling. he gets up on his knees and will go forward a bit, but then decides to army crawl the rest of the way. true likes to put toys across the room and then he roots his little brother on. way to go luca!

true is finding success at guilt tripping his father. he managed to get aaron to put away fence building for the day in order to attend a 4 yr old bday party. nice work true!

luca is finding success with crying when he doesn't get what he wants. this is a huge step in the communication process and i love that my little baby is developing his own tastes and preferences. particularly funny was at the bday party when luca made it very clear that he wanted to sip the cocktail mom had, rather than the bottle he was offered (don't worry people, he did not get what he wanted here).

this morning, true successfully prepped himself for school. he undressed, went to the bathroom, and then dressed....all without the aid of mom (ok, he did need just a little help with the hook on his shorts). his outfit ended up being, uh...well...interesting, but he's cute enough to get away with it.

i'm sure i'll have more stories to tell after our oregon coast weekend with auntie gayle! we can hardly wait for the weekend!!!

Building fences

aaron took this great picture while out rounding up supplies for the fence building project. super cute!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dog days of summer

enzo invited true to the beach yesterday, and it looks like they had some serious projects going on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

oh luca

he's 7.5 months, he's a solid food eating machine, he's still pretty mellow, and he's getting pretty excited, yet frustrated, about crawling (so close). he also really likes it when i sing to him (and that would make him the only person in the world who likes it when i sing).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keeling Kids Turn One!

we had a great time at Magnolia and Emmett's first birthday party. Please see Heather's blog for pictures which include some Erbecks!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Which Baby Erbeck?

Luca or True?

everybody says that luca looks just like true did as an infant, but i don't see it. of course, i think that major personality difference is the reason they looks so different to me!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

how to make dad glad

true mccaig erbeck quote of the month:

"dad, thank you for letting me work in the yard with you. i had fun".

how many more years of a chore enthousiasitc child do you think we have?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Two Erbecks in a Tub!

first bath together for my little erbeck boys. the picture does not accurately depict true's enthusiasm...but i assure you, he was super excited to take a bath with *his baby* and show him some cool bath toys.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


you wouldn't know by the snoozin' little luca that there was a raucous concert going on ...but there was!

we got some last minute tickets to the woodland park zoo tunes last night featuring the cowboy junkies and son volt. the venue is just a big open lawn on a slight incline, with the band/stage at the front. everybody packs blankets, kids, food, etc and it's like one big gigantic party.

we came late (last minute packing for two kids and not knowing what they would or wouldn't need) and there was hardly a patch of grass to be had, but we ran into some neighbors who made space for us. true was slow to catch on to the fun that i was determined we would have, but when he did, there was no stopping him. he was a dancing machine. looking something like aerobic yoga, true's style was captivating and truly entertaining.

i've always avoided zoo tune nights, not wanting the hassle of crowds. but i can't allow my own jaded attitude to keep my kids from experiencing live music and the power of positively charged crowd. there were all types and ages of people just having a great time and i can't believe that i've never taken advantage of this incredible zoo to hang out, listen to music, and connect with old friends (it was awesome to run into peeps from my past!). we'll definitely take up this endeavor again!

(ps, the music was awesome! cowboy junkies were exactly how they sound on the radio and they lolled luca into slumber. son volt was rockin'...they even moved me to dance!)