Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wishful thinking

well, it's sunday. and there are no immanent signs of me having this baby today. you never know....but the possibility is looking slim. i still have another 14 hours, so i'll keep chanting (thank you heather for helping out here).

aaron's new prediction is next friday. that would interfere with crossfit's 12 days of christmas workout and potluck. i know i have no business doing the 12 days of christmas workout (it's gonna be more than tough), but it would be quite a sight for a woman in her 39th week of pregnancy, and quite an accomplishment. so, if i don't have this baby today, i'm shooting for next saturday, dec 13. wait, no, actually that is the "pathway of lights" celebration at greenlake. i really like that holiday tradition, so i guess i'll have to wait until sunday, dec 14.

ok, sunday the 14th it is. grandpa erbeck, does that work with the Packers' schedule?


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Sunday the 14! And we don't even have to change our chant!!!! I have actually been thinking about you all day. One more week! 12 days of Christmas! Or perhaps the 12 days of Christmas will just push you into labor.

James m. Erbeck said...

Grandma and Grandpa Erbeck think he is not coming out till he has a name.

heather v keeling said...

i wanted to check in with you today, but then i thought about how annoyed i got at people asking me every day if i had babies yet, so i stopped myself. i'm hoping to be among the first to hear, but for now i'll just be patient.
maybe baby X will be one of the perfect few that arrive exactly on their due dates...?