Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Still All True

we've been trying to prep True for the birth of his little brother...i think he's getting it. he gets into the car and points the baby's car seat and says, "that's for my brother. he's still in mom's belly".

tonight i went through his back pack with him, showing him everything i packed for his stay at the Rider house while we're in the hospital. he's pretty excited to go stay with his friends, ethan and jaxon, as well as show them his back pack. we couldn't get him out of it tonight....he'd topple over from the weight, not quite used to changing his balance to accommodate...but he was determined to run laps around the house anyway.

i've officially started my maternity leave and i have to admit that it feels decadent to be at home alone while my husband works and my child is at preschool. i feel relaxed. even productive. and i'm managing to sneak in a few hours of sleep here and there. i feel like a pampered princess. i'll enjoy it now...it can't last much longer!


mieke said...

Too cute!
Been thinking of you. Can't wait to hear the news!

sofia said...

miss seeing you missy! hope you are enjoying the last few..... is that True the cutest with as my daughter would say pack pack

Janis said...

what a cute picture. you are not kidding us, you are really pregnant and about to give birth? so where are the labor pains? ma