Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still Cooking.

yes, i am still pregnant. which is fine. i have too much to handle today. christmas tree must go up, presents must get wrapped. and tonight is the pathway of lights around greenlake, and i must go to that!

again, i've left my calendar open for a birth tomorrow- that really does work best for me. i hope the kid cooperates. if i'm not in labor by mid-morning, then i'm off for a pedicure (supposedly this can help kick labor into gear), then i'll drink some castor oil (another way to get labor moving) and then if that doesn't work i'll try a few other tricks the nature of which i can not mention in a public blog (who knows if that will work, but at least aaron should get some fun out of it...).

i'm pretty excited to finally meet this baby!


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

I'd maybe try that final one before the castor oil!

heather v keeling said...

castor oil will definitely make *something* come out of you...just maybe not a baby! :) keep us posted!

mieke said...

Did it work? or does Aaron just have a shit eating grin on his face?
Erbeck baby watch '08 is a little more exciting than storm watch '08 I've got to say!

James m. Erbeck said...

This is more information than Grandma and Grandpa need to know! or if the caster oil works will his name be Caster?