Thursday, December 18, 2008


i love snow! and the holidays! and it's snowing and it is holiday time! what could be better?

i'll tell you....watching True enjoy all of the snow and holidays is better than anything i could have imagined. every morning he runs out of bed to go look at *his* christmas tree. he begs us to turn on *his* christmas lights. he loves walking up and down the street to look at all of the houses with the colored lights. and the snow....he jumps around in his pjs begging his dad to take him outside to catch snowflakes on his tongue. he's just beside himself with joy and i love every minute of it.

oh yes, i'm still pregnant. though this snowstorm and the bad roads just might finally do the trick.

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Janis said...

I put your construction paper angel on the tree again this year. Each year, Jay says it will not last another year, it will fall apart, but miraculously it is still in tact and looking as beautiful as the day Tracy presented it to me. Placing that angel on the top of our tree is my favorite thing in all of Christmas. True's ornament is really nice too. I hope someday he will make me one.