Thursday, December 4, 2008

oy vey

tonight. i'd like to have this baby tonight. i'm ready. actually, tonight isn't a good night for it...aaron is out with the boys playing cards. yes, upon further reflection, tonight is not a good night.

tomorrow night is a good night. maybe right in the middle of aaron's office holiday party. shoot. maybe tomorrow night isn't good either.

ok, saturday. yes, saturday is good. crap. maybe not, we're going to Ikea to buy lord knows whatever it is that we think we need from there. labor at Ikea doesn't sound fun. ok, we'll need to put this off until sunday.

sunday, perfect. sunday....i can't think of a reason to not have the baby on sunday.

sunday it is. i am going to have this baby on sunday. come on people, chant with me....

(can you tell that i've had precious little sleep in the past week??? can ya? is it that obvious?)


heather v keeling said...

sun-day! sun-day! sun-day! (that's me chanting for you!)

To Blog or Not to Blog said...

You promised me 12/5 months ago, so I stil have 12/5 in my brain, but maybe I can adjust. 12/7, 12/7. Nah, I still like 12/5, What does Aaron need with a holiday party.

Or, how about 12/13. I know that's no sleep for another week, but think about the 12 days of Christmas!!!

James m. Erbeck said...

Grandpa Erbeck says Sunday will not work the PACKERS are on t.v.