Monday, December 15, 2008

Due in Two

my due date is fast approaching and it's not looking like baby steve is going to make an appearance before then, or even then. the doc found NOTHING to indicate that i may be getting close to delivery. of course this could all change in an instant, but i'm not holding my breath!

if i'm still pregnant next monday we start with a series of NSTs, or non-stress tests. in short, they hook me up to a bunch of monitors and record fetal movement, heart rate, etc. if my womb environment still looks good, they do nothing. if things look like they are deteriorating, then they induce labor. inducing would likely involve pitocin, which according to friends who have gone through this, it's a speedy and painful dilation. so i hope baby steve finds his way out before it comes to that.

and in other news...looks like the baby grew this week! doc still thinks we're on target for a smaller baby(7 lbs), but compared to True, that's big enough for me!

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mieke said...

Maybe try accupuncture? I think it takes a few sessions, if it even works in your case. Worth a try to avoid the pitocin though.