Monday, December 15, 2008

Castor Oil

enough people managed to stop me from ingesting castor oil before i even got to the store to buy the bottle. popular consensus is that it just makes you uncomfortable and craptastic.

i tried to walk 3 miles. nothing.
i put up xmas tree lights standing on a ladder on our 8 ft tree. nothing.
i went xmas shopping WITHOUT a change of clothing. nothing.
i made aaron rub the bottom of my feet for hours. nothing.
i had a pedicure. nothing.
i begged and pleaded with my baby. nothing.

i guess he's warm and cozy. i sure would love for his birthday to not be so close to xmas (for his own sake), but too late for that.

i'm off to the doctor this afternoon to talk about horrible things like *stripping my membranes* (painful), and *induce date* (well, at least i'd have a better idea about when this whole thing goes down...).

thank you to all who have expressed interest and concern...i'll keep you posted.

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