Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Weight

guessing a baby's weight in the womb is not an exact science. particularly so if your doctor is calculating using a measuring tape, mother's weight gain, and a pressure exam of the stomach. regardless, looks like baby steve is currently between 6.5 and 7lbs. this is exciting news to me as we are now well passed the 5 lb mark, which is where true was when he came into the world. while there's nothing wrong with having a small baby, from what i have seen, it's easier on everybody if your baby is a bit bigger- their little systems are better equipped to handle the outside world and they seem to have less issues (feeding, colic, etc). i'm obviously not an expert, but i know that i'd like for this baby to be a little more issue free!

and congrats out to john and karina for the birth of their second daughter, adeline madrona bull stambaugh. from the start of labor to the final push, total time of ONE hour. that's what i call efficient!

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mieke said...

How many weeks?? I can't remember your due date