Wednesday, December 24, 2008

more Luca please

things are a little crazy around the erbeck dwelling...but i do promise to get some more photos and the birth story up soon!

so far, things are great! luca is quite an eater, and he's pretty mellow so far. of course, it's early, things could change at any moment. we love hanging out with our new little man though! true loves his baby brother very much, even if he does get a little frustrated when he is not the center of our attention. i think we'll all adjust soon.

merry christmas everybody!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Luca Wayne Erbeck

whew! he's here! what a great story we have to tell...but first i need some sleep.

in short, he's healthy, we're happy.

do check out heather keeling's blog for the first photos:

Game On!

no contractions, but my water broke! i'm thinking it will come fast and furious, so we're on the way to the hospital. we're just waiting for dave rider to get her to watch True...

stay tuned, next update will likely be the birth announcement.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ornamental Sentimental

True gave Aaron and me a Christmas present! An adorable tree ornament that he made at his preschool! Aaron and I both avoided tears, but we were pretty close...

My mother has held onto a tree topper angel that I made for her when I was in kindergarten. She put that damn thing up every single year. And every single year I begged her to dump it! It's only now that I understand how impossible it would be...and I look forward to showing off the Christmas ornament that True made for us every year, despite his eventual pleas for me to leave it off the tree. Sorry True, there are some requests a mother must ignore.


i love snow! and the holidays! and it's snowing and it is holiday time! what could be better?

i'll tell you....watching True enjoy all of the snow and holidays is better than anything i could have imagined. every morning he runs out of bed to go look at *his* christmas tree. he begs us to turn on *his* christmas lights. he loves walking up and down the street to look at all of the houses with the colored lights. and the snow....he jumps around in his pjs begging his dad to take him outside to catch snowflakes on his tongue. he's just beside himself with joy and i love every minute of it.

oh yes, i'm still pregnant. though this snowstorm and the bad roads just might finally do the trick.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Action

quick is the official adjusted due date. no action. doesn't look like it's going to happen.

but wait.....i'm watching two kids today (true and enzo), there's a storm moving in with predictions of 3-8 inches of snow, my bathroom is dirty, we're low on groceries, and aaron is working all day.

according to murphy's law....based on all of the conditions above, i should go into labor as soon as the snow storm hits.

i'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In other news....

aaron was offered a full time, permanent position with simulab! he has accepted and will start after the first of the year. this is exciting and great news for aaron, and for us as a family! aaron's work is challenging and exciting, which really is the absolute best part. he likes his boss and the other people he works with. although treacherous in a few spots, his bike commute is relatively easy, and true's preschool is only 1 block out of the way. perfect!

way to go papa bear!!!! we're feeling pretty fortunate these days!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Due in Two

my due date is fast approaching and it's not looking like baby steve is going to make an appearance before then, or even then. the doc found NOTHING to indicate that i may be getting close to delivery. of course this could all change in an instant, but i'm not holding my breath!

if i'm still pregnant next monday we start with a series of NSTs, or non-stress tests. in short, they hook me up to a bunch of monitors and record fetal movement, heart rate, etc. if my womb environment still looks good, they do nothing. if things look like they are deteriorating, then they induce labor. inducing would likely involve pitocin, which according to friends who have gone through this, it's a speedy and painful dilation. so i hope baby steve finds his way out before it comes to that.

and in other news...looks like the baby grew this week! doc still thinks we're on target for a smaller baby(7 lbs), but compared to True, that's big enough for me!

Castor Oil

enough people managed to stop me from ingesting castor oil before i even got to the store to buy the bottle. popular consensus is that it just makes you uncomfortable and craptastic.

i tried to walk 3 miles. nothing.
i put up xmas tree lights standing on a ladder on our 8 ft tree. nothing.
i went xmas shopping WITHOUT a change of clothing. nothing.
i made aaron rub the bottom of my feet for hours. nothing.
i had a pedicure. nothing.
i begged and pleaded with my baby. nothing.

i guess he's warm and cozy. i sure would love for his birthday to not be so close to xmas (for his own sake), but too late for that.

i'm off to the doctor this afternoon to talk about horrible things like *stripping my membranes* (painful), and *induce date* (well, at least i'd have a better idea about when this whole thing goes down...).

thank you to all who have expressed interest and concern...i'll keep you posted.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still Cooking.

yes, i am still pregnant. which is fine. i have too much to handle today. christmas tree must go up, presents must get wrapped. and tonight is the pathway of lights around greenlake, and i must go to that!

again, i've left my calendar open for a birth tomorrow- that really does work best for me. i hope the kid cooperates. if i'm not in labor by mid-morning, then i'm off for a pedicure (supposedly this can help kick labor into gear), then i'll drink some castor oil (another way to get labor moving) and then if that doesn't work i'll try a few other tricks the nature of which i can not mention in a public blog (who knows if that will work, but at least aaron should get some fun out of it...).

i'm pretty excited to finally meet this baby!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Still All True

we've been trying to prep True for the birth of his little brother...i think he's getting it. he gets into the car and points the baby's car seat and says, "that's for my brother. he's still in mom's belly".

tonight i went through his back pack with him, showing him everything i packed for his stay at the Rider house while we're in the hospital. he's pretty excited to go stay with his friends, ethan and jaxon, as well as show them his back pack. we couldn't get him out of it tonight....he'd topple over from the weight, not quite used to changing his balance to accommodate...but he was determined to run laps around the house anyway.

i've officially started my maternity leave and i have to admit that it feels decadent to be at home alone while my husband works and my child is at preschool. i feel relaxed. even productive. and i'm managing to sneak in a few hours of sleep here and there. i feel like a pampered princess. i'll enjoy it can't last much longer!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wishful thinking

well, it's sunday. and there are no immanent signs of me having this baby today. you never know....but the possibility is looking slim. i still have another 14 hours, so i'll keep chanting (thank you heather for helping out here).

aaron's new prediction is next friday. that would interfere with crossfit's 12 days of christmas workout and potluck. i know i have no business doing the 12 days of christmas workout (it's gonna be more than tough), but it would be quite a sight for a woman in her 39th week of pregnancy, and quite an accomplishment. so, if i don't have this baby today, i'm shooting for next saturday, dec 13. wait, no, actually that is the "pathway of lights" celebration at greenlake. i really like that holiday tradition, so i guess i'll have to wait until sunday, dec 14.

ok, sunday the 14th it is. grandpa erbeck, does that work with the Packers' schedule?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

oy vey

tonight. i'd like to have this baby tonight. i'm ready. actually, tonight isn't a good night for it...aaron is out with the boys playing cards. yes, upon further reflection, tonight is not a good night.

tomorrow night is a good night. maybe right in the middle of aaron's office holiday party. shoot. maybe tomorrow night isn't good either.

ok, saturday. yes, saturday is good. crap. maybe not, we're going to Ikea to buy lord knows whatever it is that we think we need from there. labor at Ikea doesn't sound fun. ok, we'll need to put this off until sunday.

sunday, perfect. sunday....i can't think of a reason to not have the baby on sunday.

sunday it is. i am going to have this baby on sunday. come on people, chant with me....

(can you tell that i've had precious little sleep in the past week??? can ya? is it that obvious?)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Weight

guessing a baby's weight in the womb is not an exact science. particularly so if your doctor is calculating using a measuring tape, mother's weight gain, and a pressure exam of the stomach. regardless, looks like baby steve is currently between 6.5 and 7lbs. this is exciting news to me as we are now well passed the 5 lb mark, which is where true was when he came into the world. while there's nothing wrong with having a small baby, from what i have seen, it's easier on everybody if your baby is a bit bigger- their little systems are better equipped to handle the outside world and they seem to have less issues (feeding, colic, etc). i'm obviously not an expert, but i know that i'd like for this baby to be a little more issue free!

and congrats out to john and karina for the birth of their second daughter, adeline madrona bull stambaugh. from the start of labor to the final push, total time of ONE hour. that's what i call efficient!