Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Still Pregnant

I have these dreams every night now that I am no longer pregnant and I'm racing my bike or snowboarding through thick powder. And I wake up and I can't yet feel the weight of my mid-section and I start wondering if I forgot about giving birth. Then I try to roll over and it hits me...indeed, I'm still pregnant.

Which is a good thing.

I want to keep him in there for a few more weeks. But I'd be pretty happy to not go the entire 40. 38 has a nice ring to it.

This week's doctor appointment was just as uneventful as the last....everything is normal (I'm measuring on the small side, but the tape measure is not an exact science). I'm trying to think what we even talked about...oh yes, my shoes. I've been seeing the resident who will be at my birth along with my regular doctor, and she likes my shoes. I like them too...I bought them 8 years ago and I wear them one year, forget about them for a few years, find them, then start wearing them again. Exciting, I know.

True got a hair cut this weekend. I grew tired of everybody commenting about how moppy his head looked. I admit, it was long, but I liked it. His new cut is so generic. Why did I bother to tell her exactly how I wanted it? From the appearance of all the pictures on the wall of her *customers*, she's got about 3 cuts in her repertoire. Oh well, it will grow back one day.
Stay tuned for a picture...

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