Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting close to week 37

So, little baby Steve has now been in the womb longer than True. Which is great, but man, I'm starting to get uncomfortable. Plus every time I have any kind of pain I assume I'm going into labor and I start to get slightly panicked (after all, I don't have my hospital bag packed). But then alas, I fart or something and the pain goes away and I'm back to being just rather large and uncomfortable and wondering when boy wonder will start making his way down the chute.

I did buy some cute sweat pants as my *after delivery* outfit for the hospital. Problem is, I keep wearing them. They're now either constantly being worn, or in the laundry, or hanging up to dry. They probably won't make it to the hospital with me and I'll undoubtedly send Aaron home to pick them up and then get mad at him for taking so long in getting back. And they'll be dirty. So I'll be mad at Aaron for that too (surely it will be his fault).

We keep trying to make a go of a name, but we're still undecided. Poor kid.

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