Saturday, November 29, 2008

auntie gayle and the keeling feast

auntie gayle joined us for thanksgiving this year...and it was a blast. true and his aunt bonded in no time, as evident in this photo.

the keelings managed one of the most epic turkeyday dinners ever (how did they do that with 4 mos twins?). we just love our thanksgiving day tradition of making sure we are wherever the keelings are...we'd follow them to the far ends of the earth just to have some of greg's turkey and heather's sweet potato bake. seriously, i look forward to this little tradition all year!

Monday, November 24, 2008

More GB pics

Here are a few more pictures from True's trip to Green Bay. I thought it was important to include a picture of Grandpa Erbeck (I don't think I've ever posted one of him), and Great Grandma Berens. Both precious moments!

I'm Still Pregnant

I have these dreams every night now that I am no longer pregnant and I'm racing my bike or snowboarding through thick powder. And I wake up and I can't yet feel the weight of my mid-section and I start wondering if I forgot about giving birth. Then I try to roll over and it hits me...indeed, I'm still pregnant.

Which is a good thing.

I want to keep him in there for a few more weeks. But I'd be pretty happy to not go the entire 40. 38 has a nice ring to it.

This week's doctor appointment was just as uneventful as the last....everything is normal (I'm measuring on the small side, but the tape measure is not an exact science). I'm trying to think what we even talked about...oh yes, my shoes. I've been seeing the resident who will be at my birth along with my regular doctor, and she likes my shoes. I like them too...I bought them 8 years ago and I wear them one year, forget about them for a few years, find them, then start wearing them again. Exciting, I know.

True got a hair cut this weekend. I grew tired of everybody commenting about how moppy his head looked. I admit, it was long, but I liked it. His new cut is so generic. Why did I bother to tell her exactly how I wanted it? From the appearance of all the pictures on the wall of her *customers*, she's got about 3 cuts in her repertoire. Oh well, it will grow back one day.
Stay tuned for a picture...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting close to week 37

So, little baby Steve has now been in the womb longer than True. Which is great, but man, I'm starting to get uncomfortable. Plus every time I have any kind of pain I assume I'm going into labor and I start to get slightly panicked (after all, I don't have my hospital bag packed). But then alas, I fart or something and the pain goes away and I'm back to being just rather large and uncomfortable and wondering when boy wonder will start making his way down the chute.

I did buy some cute sweat pants as my *after delivery* outfit for the hospital. Problem is, I keep wearing them. They're now either constantly being worn, or in the laundry, or hanging up to dry. They probably won't make it to the hospital with me and I'll undoubtedly send Aaron home to pick them up and then get mad at him for taking so long in getting back. And they'll be dirty. So I'll be mad at Aaron for that too (surely it will be his fault).

We keep trying to make a go of a name, but we're still undecided. Poor kid.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adventure Thursday

looks like aaron, true, and enzo had a guest today for *adventure thursday*. now i wish i could say definitively which rider twin is pictured, but alas, i can not. although the rider twins are not identical, they are really hard to tell apart! my guess is that this rider twin is jaxon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heather V Keeling Photography

how lucky are we to be friends with heather keeling???? extremely so. she's not only a dear friend, she's a damn talented photographer. she did maternity photos when true was in my belly, and now here are maternity photos with true outside my belly....he's curious to meet his little brother (he says "my baby butter").

heather also did true's birth photos and provided us with our favorite wedding photos (even though she was not the hired photographer).

check out heather's blog for more photos.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


go vote folks! i feel like this is the most important election of my lifetime. i could rant about what we have endured for the past 8 years, and how long i think it will take to clean up our country and our image...but that's just wasted energy. instead, i'm choosing to focus on our future, to focus on all the great things this nation can accomplish under better leadership....
i got up early so i could go be the first in line to vote (my voting poll is a mere 50 steps from my house). i would have had to gotten out of bed much earlier to be the first in line! it was crazy- the parking lot was full, the neighborhood was full. there were kids, dogs, parents, grandparents, punk rockers and everybody in between waiting in line ahead of me. i would have been happy waiting 5 hours...the line didn't bother me at all. i know most people vote absentee these days, but nothing beats the feeling of standing in line next to your neighbor, casting your ballot, knowing that yes, you can make a difference.
and i got a sticker too. absentee voters can't top that!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


aaron joined in the halloween festivities! sounds like everybody had a great time and i'm certain true was a hit in green bay!

the keelings came over to keep me company and help pass out candy. as usual, our 'hood was packed! it was fun to hang out, eat chinese food and try NOT to eat from the candy bowl. amazingly, i actually had enough candy this year, even with a few of our favorite neighborhood kids grabbing more than their fair share (better them than us). unfortunately, now i'm stuck with about 20 leftover pieces. i had to hide the bowl from myself.