Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just for the Grandparents

Really, stop reading now if you are anybody but grandparents of True McCaig will undoubtedly get very bored, very quickly.

Aaron took True to swimming lessons last night as I had to work late (oh and I can't fit into a bathing suit any longer). True sometimes likes lessons, sometimes hates lessons. Last night was a good session. We had a conversation about it when he got home (keep in mind this is the exciting son is having conversations, not just eliciting demands). It went something like this:
(me)- hey True, how were swim lessons?
(him)- fun Mama!
(me)- what did you do at swim lessons?
(him)- I kick-kick-kick-kicked
(me)- wow, what else?
(him)- I jumped! (along with a demonstration of him jumping into the pool)
(me)- you did! cool...what else? did you blow bubbles?
(him)- yes. (blows air to demonstrate, ends up spitting all over himself, laughs)
(me)- did you sing any songs?
(him)- yes! we sung hokey Mama! (process to sing parts of hokey pokey, while turning himself about, falls down, laughs). I'm not hurt Mama. I was careful. You ok Mama?

oh how my heart swelled with this conversation and I found myself crying like a little girl (or a hormonal pregnant woman). It just seems that True has learned so much, so quickly in the last few months. His brain is a sponge and he's not letting anything get past him.


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Okay, I may not be a grandparent - thanks god, but I thought that was pretty sweet! (Though I'm still waiting for the cross fit pictures!)

heather v keeling said...

auntie heather here. i'm all teared up and so proud of true! he is such an amazing little guy!