Monday, October 13, 2008

Aaron goes racing!

Aaron has been sick for two weeks, working, taking care of his very pregnant wife, taking care of his very demanding 2.5 yr old, taking care of the bikes...and taking care of the house. It's a very demanding job to be Mr. Aaron McCaig Erbeck! And yet, he still managed to get out of the house and go race his bike. He may not have posted his best finish ever, but he's on his way to being back on track.

Many have inquired how I'm doing pregnancy wise. I'm entering week just about 2 months to go (give or take). I'm still healthy and feeling great, save for the heartburn. I'm still working out and still riding a bike. Although I'll admit that riding the bike is getting hard....Aaron is working on a more upright solution for me (as it is now, my belly hits my saddle and I find that I have to splay my legs out a bit to compensate for my wide load...this causes a little knee pain). I've grown out of some of my maternity clothing and I wanted to buy more, but Heather just saved me by providing a ton of stuff to wear. Thanks Heather!

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