Wednesday, October 29, 2008

33 weeks...7 left

baby shoobie-doo (aaron is terrified that "steve" is going to stick, so i just use whatever silly name comes to mind) seems to be coming along quite well. he's measuring exactly where he should be, he's head down in preparation for his journey into the world outside of the womb. aside from some coccyx pain, i can confirm that i am having a completely normal pregnancy (ie, i'm tired, i'm uncomfortable, i'm sick of my belly getting into the way of everything...). i guess i can also say that i'm getting pretty excited. who will he look like? what color hair? eyes? when exactly will he come? how will true handle all of it? how will true's parents handle all of it.....

and on the naming front...we're still struggling with a name. i think we're close, but maybe not. with true, it was easy, we both just felt the same way about the name. this time we both have not felt that strongly about the same name (although we have each felt strongly about names, they have been vetoed by one or the other).

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mieke said...

I want to see an actual belly pic please. You in the flesh-don't be shy!