Friday, October 31, 2008

Green Bay Halloween!

Aaron and the grandparents have been kindly updating me with pictures and reports of True's adventures. And while here in Seattle it is raining and cold and miserable, in Green Bay is warm and sunny! Aaron enjoyed some mountain biking this afternoon, and True enjoyed napping in his big boy bed (not a crib!). In the pictures above, True models his custom monkey costume, created by Grandma Erbeck, and his new "OBAMA!" t-shirt (purchased just for the delight of Grandpa Erbeck).

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane....

i put my boys on a 6:30am flight to greenbay, wisconsin today. true and aaron are going home for a visit and to have some fun treat-or-treating with the erbeck grandparents. my poor, tired little boy! the kid takes after his mother here...8 hours of sleep are needed in order to be fresh and pretty for the public. (and yes, i will miss them dearly...i feign that i can't wait to have my alone time, but in reality, i'll think of them every minute).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

33 weeks...7 left

baby shoobie-doo (aaron is terrified that "steve" is going to stick, so i just use whatever silly name comes to mind) seems to be coming along quite well. he's measuring exactly where he should be, he's head down in preparation for his journey into the world outside of the womb. aside from some coccyx pain, i can confirm that i am having a completely normal pregnancy (ie, i'm tired, i'm uncomfortable, i'm sick of my belly getting into the way of everything...). i guess i can also say that i'm getting pretty excited. who will he look like? what color hair? eyes? when exactly will he come? how will true handle all of it? how will true's parents handle all of it.....

and on the naming front...we're still struggling with a name. i think we're close, but maybe not. with true, it was easy, we both just felt the same way about the name. this time we both have not felt that strongly about the same name (although we have each felt strongly about names, they have been vetoed by one or the other).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

old pic, still funny

i'm in the process of cleaning up my machine a little bit and found this old picture of me taken the day after a rather nasty mountain bike spill. from what i can tell, this was in march of 2001. i remember the crash clearly and my slowly swelling face and blacking eye. i even remember the pain...i couldn't move my mouth on one side for days. amazing that i still love mountain biking...but i'll tell you now that whenever i ride that trail, i WALK that spot. it got the best of me and i don't care to ever try and overcome that fear.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Father knows Best!

don't you love these photos?!

grandpa erbeck is not afraid to let his political opinions be known to anybody he encounters. and for those that he does not have a chance to encounter in person, he still makes his opinion abundantly clear! I LOVE IT!

Lincoln too!

we love that uncle lincoln is back in seattle....he's racing bikes, taking care of our yard, entertaining true, and taking lucy for much needed walks. he's also pretty fun to be around!

take a look at this link for a cool photo of him racing. his facial expression embodies what cyclocross racing is all about!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Outings with Aaron

On Thursdays, Aaron always takes the kids on some sort of outing. Of course I prefer when they come to see me at work...but looks like they had some beach time at Lincoln Partk with Heather and the twins today (no current picture of them, but do check out Heather's blog Notice True's cute new boots, complete with pink pull laces (Aaron picked them out!).

Friday, October 17, 2008

True's Preschool Field Trip

aaron, miss colleen (true's preschool teacher), a handful of parents and all the kids headed out for a fall celebration field trip. sounds like the packed a whole bunch of activity into the hour and 1/2 they were there....pumpkin patch tour, wagon ride behind the tractor, bean pick and farm animal viewing (chickens, goats, alpacas). true doesn't look like a happy camper in these shots, but i've been assured he had a fantastic time (he told me so!). aaron made some delicious soup from the beans that true fact i'm off to have some for my lunch right now!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Right...errr.... I mean THE CORRECT VOTE!!!!!!!!

hey case you were wondering how to vote in the upcoming presidential election, aaron has demonstrated proper technique, form and choice. note the perfectly marked oval for obama/biden. this is EXACTLY how to mark your ballot. there's no confusion, nor hanging chads here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just for the Grandparents

Really, stop reading now if you are anybody but grandparents of True McCaig will undoubtedly get very bored, very quickly.

Aaron took True to swimming lessons last night as I had to work late (oh and I can't fit into a bathing suit any longer). True sometimes likes lessons, sometimes hates lessons. Last night was a good session. We had a conversation about it when he got home (keep in mind this is the exciting son is having conversations, not just eliciting demands). It went something like this:
(me)- hey True, how were swim lessons?
(him)- fun Mama!
(me)- what did you do at swim lessons?
(him)- I kick-kick-kick-kicked
(me)- wow, what else?
(him)- I jumped! (along with a demonstration of him jumping into the pool)
(me)- you did! cool...what else? did you blow bubbles?
(him)- yes. (blows air to demonstrate, ends up spitting all over himself, laughs)
(me)- did you sing any songs?
(him)- yes! we sung hokey Mama! (process to sing parts of hokey pokey, while turning himself about, falls down, laughs). I'm not hurt Mama. I was careful. You ok Mama?

oh how my heart swelled with this conversation and I found myself crying like a little girl (or a hormonal pregnant woman). It just seems that True has learned so much, so quickly in the last few months. His brain is a sponge and he's not letting anything get past him.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Cute kids....

Sometimes you just gotta post some cute pictures, regardless of whether or not you have a storyline.

Aaron goes racing!

Aaron has been sick for two weeks, working, taking care of his very pregnant wife, taking care of his very demanding 2.5 yr old, taking care of the bikes...and taking care of the house. It's a very demanding job to be Mr. Aaron McCaig Erbeck! And yet, he still managed to get out of the house and go race his bike. He may not have posted his best finish ever, but he's on his way to being back on track.

Many have inquired how I'm doing pregnancy wise. I'm entering week just about 2 months to go (give or take). I'm still healthy and feeling great, save for the heartburn. I'm still working out and still riding a bike. Although I'll admit that riding the bike is getting hard....Aaron is working on a more upright solution for me (as it is now, my belly hits my saddle and I find that I have to splay my legs out a bit to compensate for my wide load...this causes a little knee pain). I've grown out of some of my maternity clothing and I wanted to buy more, but Heather just saved me by providing a ton of stuff to wear. Thanks Heather!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall has arrived

It is inevitable...we can not escape it....Fall is here and the rain is back. We've had a good dry run in September, so you'll not hear me complain. I still might even have some residual tan left in my face (that's how good it has been around here!).

Of course, the rain does not stop any of us in Seattle from doing either what we love to do, or what needs to be done. This is picture is proof- the kids love to get outside and the shopping needs to get done. Aaron accomplished both at the same time.