Thursday, September 18, 2008


Aaron and I ended up at Serafina last night for our anniversary dinner. We had been to this spot before with the Keelings, so we knew it would be great. They have a lovely patio for outdoor dining and we scored a spot there! The weather was perfect- warm with a little breeze. I'm always cold, so the addition of the gas heater next to us was an added bonus.

Aaron warmed up with a manhattan. I had a virgin mojito (didn't know those were possible, did ya?). Aaron had prosciutto wrapped apricots for an appetizer, I had butternut squash soup. We were both pleased! We both ordered a glass of wine, me to drink only half, but I didn't like it, so Aaron drank mine too. He ended up ordering me a glass of something else that I ended up flipping for! Oh how I miss fine wine! On to the entrees....Aaron eats meat when we go out, mostly because I can't stand the smell of it in the kitchen. Last night he had a 3 meat lasagna, which sent him over the moon. I had the chantrelle mushroom pasta and we were both amazed that I easily ate every last bite (portions are well sized at Serafina). Desert was chocolate grappa cake and because we are gluttons, strawberry semifreddo with balsamic glaze. Yum!

We lingered for a while at our lovely table, but were eager to get back and relieve our teenage neighbor of her babysitting duties. Molly has a full schedule with her academic studies and extra curricular activities, so we knew she'd be on the couch studying, but eager to get home. She was, and was. We sent her off with some lemon cake from Serafina and proceeded to True's room to watch him in slumber. He's just so unbelievably adorable to us, even when he's not in entertainment mode.

Then...after everybody had settled into hit.....PREGNANCY HEARTBURN!!! I'm telling you now, this was the worst heartburn ever, to the point that I was in tears and had to attempt sleep propped up against the wall. To date, this has been my only difficulty in pregnancy, so I'll shut up and be happy that in general, I'm feeling fantastic.
Did I mention how much I love my husband and the fact that I'm married to him?

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