Thursday, September 4, 2008


my sweet, sweet husband came home last night after races with a bouquet of flowers, just for me. i was in bed reading and he brought them down in a vase and placed them next to me. i panicked...crap, did i forget our anniversary? no, thankfully, i had not blown that one yet. i racked my brain for info, but could come up with nothing. i turned my head sideways and said why?

aaron shrugged his shoulders and said, "because it's wednesday... because i felt like it... just because."

how completely cool is that?!

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Weetabix said...

Aw, that's sweet!

Speaking of your husband, I'm helping to organize his 20th high school reunion and we're looking for contact info. Can you pass along this info? He can drop a line to or search on Myspace, Facebook or Twitter for our social networking stuff.