Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tahoe Trip Part II (kind of)

The pictures from phase II of our Tahoe adventure are stuck in my phone. For some reason, I can't send them to my gmail account like I normally do. I need them, as they tell the complete story of phase II (which involves some bad road rash from a scooter accident).

Well, in short, phase II was a hoot. I had two days at the cabin with just True, Jenny, Joshua, Karen and Auntie Joan. Aaron was in Seattle, my parents were back in Yerington, tending to a very busy retired life schedule. I did some mountain biking on my own and then spent some quality time working on a tan. I haven't had a tan in years.

Joan (not Auntie Joan) and her 3 yr old daughter Taegan were the first of the crazy high school friends to arrive. Taegan is 3 going on 32. This little girl wants to be grown up so badly that she almost had me talked into paying her to babysit True. Nothing in life will stand in front of Taegan- this girl will go for it and get what she wants. hmmm, maybe reminds me just a bit of her mom....

On Saturday I ran to Reno to pickup Teri and her family, husband Ali, sons Connor and Ian. Kari and her son Jude arrived shortly after, but I didn't think they would have room in their rent a car for Teri's family. I didn't want to wait around in Tahoe to find out, only to have to drive all the way to Reno in the middle of a sunny day, so I opted to just show up. I KNEW I'd be right and Kari wouldn't have the room. Kari pulled into the driveway an hour later, in a 7 seater mini-van. whoops. So much for being right.

Julie was next to arrive with husband Spencer and two of their four kids. You heard it right, two of four. I imagine it is hard to convince two teenagers and two tweens that hanging out with mom's best friends from high school for a weekend would be a good time. The teens were off elsewhere while the tweens were stuck with us.

We all quickly fell into our old roles as friends, I pick on Teri, she picks on me, Joan laughs hysterically, Julie shakes her head, Kari keeps us all from killing each other (in fact I told Aaron that Kari is the very reason that any of us are even alive- she had good sense as a teen and managed to us out of too much trouble). It felt great to fall into the old pattern, like putting on your favorite sweatshirt. We've all weathered some hard times in our lives, but through it all, our friendships have survived. There's nothing I wouldn't do for these girls, and I'm pretty sure they feel the same way.

The two short days together were just not enough. We crammed in as many activities as we could (rafting, swimming, etc), but in the end, I have to say my favorite part was watching our kids hang out together. I had dreamed about this since high school. There were tears (and two black eyes), there were a lot of laughs, and some pensive moments. I look forward to next year and the year after and the year after and the year after, repeat.

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