Monday, August 4, 2008

Tahoe Trip, part I

In mid-July, we packed up the Jetta (wait, is it a Jetta? I never remember what it is...) with kid and bikes and took off for a little family time in Lake Tahoe (for those of you not knowing, this is where I grew up and this is where I wish I was again living...). We estimated the the drive would take us about 13-15 hours, so we left at night when we surmised True would sleep through most of the drive. HA! True actually was an absolute trooper and the meltdowns were few- our only problem was when we decided (at 3am) that we needed to just get an hour of sleep, True decided it was play time. He jumped between the back and the front, from my lap to his dad's head, while we dozed on and off. When we finally had enough of his disco moves, we strapped him back into the car seat and drove off, and he promptly fell asleep for another 3 hours.

Aaron and I pawned off the kid to various relatives (mom, Jay, Aunt Joan, Karen) while we set out to do as much mountain biking as we possibly could. It was sunny and warm everyday and we loved every minute of it. To keep Aaron from getting bored at riding my slow pace uphill, we worked out a deal where he would ride his pace and periodically turn around and ride back to me-then up again, back down again, repeat until I made it to the top of the climb. This was great as he was able to keep tabs on his pregnant wife while getting a double work out (much needed due to the prenatal shortened length of our normal rides). The views were great, the riding super fun, and after a few days of acclimation, I felt fantastic.

I drove Aaron to the Reno airport early Thursday for him to get back to Seattle for a Rapha weekend. I was sad to see him go, my riding partner for life, but he would be back the latter part of the weekend to enjoy the craziness known as my high school girlfriends and their respective families.

Big shout out to Jenny, Joshua, Karen Harned and their exceptional babysitting skills. And Aunt Joan! True can't stop talking about Jenny and Joshua (pronounced Josh-su-shua). They generously entertained True and even let Aaron and I go out for a romantic dinner, sans the kid.

(Mom, shout out to you and Jay for all of your help too!)

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