Friday, August 15, 2008

No time for NCR

I have been trying to find 1/2 an hour to sit down and blog about the North Cacades Ride last weekend, but seriously, I don't have the time this week. Things have been insane! I'm so anxious to get the weekend story out there, pics up, awards granted...maybe this weekend.

Suffice to say, it was the BIGGEST NCR in the 30 year history of the NCR! Super cool!

So, I don't have time right now to write all about it, but I have a few minutes to highlight a Jana and Hahn, shown here on their new (to them) tandem. It's not easy to ride a single over that mountain pass (hello 40+ miles of climbing), let alone a tandem. Sure, Jan and Peter have been doing it for years, and Henry and Karen for the last 5 or so...but this was the maiden voyage for Jana and Hahn. The only other time they have ridden their tandem was to Madison Park and back, from their home in Madison. That's about 15 minutes. Compare that to 6 hours and you can get an idea of the accomplishment here. Not to mention that I don't think Jana is accustomed to long road rides.

Jana, you get the punk rock rider of the year award (and that's not just for your fashion sense). I guess Hahn is a part of that, but really, riding with you was awesome. You were fun, strong, energetic and positive. I loved it! Nice work!

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