Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miss Maribeth

one of my dearest friends, miss maribeth who now hails from NYC, made it to our humble little seattle over the weekend. i love when mb comes, it usually means a good mountain bike ride and a night out with the girls.

from the picture you can surmise that we made it out for mountain bike ride...the weather was iffy, so we headed to a fairly close stand-by, Tolt. one big climb and you're to the top- the rest of it is a series of little rolling trails. come out of one, pick another. i've been there a million times and i still get lost. somehow, doug graver managed to get us out there. the trip was super fun because i got to ride not only with mb, but holly AND seth as well as the big bonus, my husband (we ditched True at the rider's house for the day...thank you guys!). i don't know how mb manages it...but after not riding in a year she was cruising the technical sections and leaving me eating her dirt. she's just one of the best chick mtb riders i've ever encountered. i aspire to be like mb and this is just one of the reasons why... (shall i name the millions of other reasons?).

i went home, showered, napped, got all pretty like and met roberta and mb for dinner. it was pouring rain and we certainly didn't expect the pike place market restaurants to be PACKED! matt's in the market...closed. cafe compagne...1/2 hour wait to sit at the bar....etta's....1/2 hour wait, or sit at the bar...we went with etta's when we decided it would suck to walk around in the rain and get our pretty hair all wet. etta's was lovely, but really, i was there for the company. it's funny how easily 3 hours slide by when i'm gabbing with the ladies. we had so much catching up to do (even roberta and i, who live in the same damn town). it ended too soon and my time with the girls was too short, but really appreciated!

we miss mb!

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