Friday, August 8, 2008

Love and Hate

Aaron sent me a picture of his crossfit workout from Friday....I have to say that I'm jealous I was not there. This is the type of workout that I love, even if I hate it too. Thus, I guess, the name.

Let me try and break this work down in simple terms for those that don't know about crossfit workouts....KIDS, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! ADULTS, GO STRAIGHT TO LEVEL 4 CROSSFIT , PAY $$ AND LEARN THE PLEASURE OF THE LOVE/HATE!!

50 wall ball- this involves squatting with a medicine ball (8, 12 or 20lbs), standing up and thrusting it to the top of the green line (about 8ft), catch, repeat. Doesn't sound too hard, but trust me, you're thighs and shoulders burn at about 10.

50 KB swings- KB stands for kettlebell, an old fashion Russian training implement becoming popular in the US. It is an cast iron weight with a handle, looking much like a cannonball. They come in varying weight, adjust according to your strength. The swing involves grabbing the weight with both hands (can be done single handed), swinging between your legs and raising it up to shoulder height. It ends up taking a lot of hip motion, and the more "pop" you give it, the easier it will be to keep swinging the thing. I love the KB swing, I love the way it makes my shoulders twitch and my inner thighs hurt when I'm done!

50 DB thruster- DB stands for dumbbell, and most of you should know what those are. For the thruster, you start with the weights resting on your shoulder and then you quickly thrust it up over your head. It helps to add a little jump to your thurst, and without the jump, you'd have a hard time getting to 50. As you get stronger, you increase your weight. I love these too! I end up with bruises on my shoulders, but the burn feels good.

Run 400- sounds easy, until you've already just completed the exercises above. Your legs feel like lead. I hate running, but not as much as I used to now that I do it on a regular basis.

25 DB Deadlift- the dumbbell deadlift is can easily hurt your back if you do not perfect the movement. You start with your legs in a shoulder width stance, dumbbells on the ground, bend your knees slightly while keeping your back straight, grab your dumbbells and then stand up, hips moving forward, dumbbells ending mid thigh. Repeat. The trick is keeping your back from rounding. This movement is hard for bike racers, we're used to being hunched over our bars. Dave at Crossfit is constantly on me about my rounding back, but hasn't had to harass me as much the past few months as my body has adjusted to the movement. Deadlifts are great for building cycling power!

Run 400 (shit, really Matt?!)

25 Burpees- Oi Vey.... The burpee is a difficult exercise, but folks who can do them make it look so easy. Essentially you drop/thrust to the floor into a plank position, do a push up, your feet come back to your hands and then you stand up and jump, arms in the air. When people like Dave and Matt do a burpee, it looks like one fluid motion. When I do them, it looks like a chopped up conglomeration of about 5 different movements. I've been doing burpees for a year and I still do not look graceful. I used to get through about 12 of them before I started falling apart. At 5 1/2 mos pregnant, my modified burpee looks even more choppy.

25 KTE/KTC- (geez Matt, you really trying to put a damper on the weekend of your class...). Knees to Elbows, or modified version, Knees to Chest, is a full core engagement movement. Hang from a pull up bar and lift your knees all the way up to your elbows. You want to avoid swinging too much so that you are getting the full benefit of your core muscles. You end up really contracting and squeezing all that you have to lift your lower body that high. On my best day I can get about 5 to my elbows, but then I quickly must revert to my chest. I can still get my knees up pretty high pregnant, but elbows are a thing of the past.

25 "what you love"- awwww Matt, you're so nice! Aaron chose to do push ups. If it were me, I would have done knees to chest on the ground (others call this rowers). Better yet, I might have done 25 more kettlebell swings.

Nice workout Matt. I'm sure everybody loves to hate you. Or hates it that they actually love you.