Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grandma Erbeck meets Baby Steve

Kathleen joined me on my 21 week ultra sound today. It was the first time that she's seen the technology, and the first good look she's had at her second grandchild, so it was exciting for all of us. Baby Steve cooperated and the technician was able to get all of the measurements needed- particularly the heart, which we were not able to get at 16 weeks.

The good news is that everything looks like it is progressing normally and we were given a thumbs up from the geneticist. There is no bad news, but additional news that we are now 100% sure that this is a baby boy, not a girl (as so many had hoped). Aaron and I have been sure in our minds since week 12 that this was a boy, but the grandmas were not convinced and still had dreams of pink. Then again, Aaron wears pink, so no reason Baby Steve can not!

Oh, and a bit about the name Baby Steve- it's really catching on and most folks refer to to him as Steve. And some folks even wonder if we are actually naming the baby Steve. While Steve is just a perfectly fine name, it's not our intention of naming him that. It was actually a bit of a joke, started by our friend Greg and well, you know how it goes, some things just stick. Rest assured we are busy throwing some apropos names around, nothing decided yet, and likely will not be announced ahead of birth (we have already shared some possible middle names and we'll leave it at that).

Anyhow, we have both grandmas and one grandpa for the next few days and that's pretty darn exciting!

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