Friday, August 29, 2008


Yesterday was an exciting trip for a 25 week check up at the doctor's office. Because my doctor is also an instructor, I get the pleasure of first meeting with a student practitioner and then again with my doctor and the student. This makes my appointment lengthy, but I don't mind. I feel like I get two perspectives of what's going on.

During this check up both doctor and student agreed whole-heartily agreed about this: I'm gaining too much weight. That's just about the last thing a girl wants to hear... but I have to admit I've been hitting the ice cream pretty hard lately. And I think I'm up to consuming about 5 meals a day. Keep in mind that "they" only want you to take in 300 extra calories a day. Sheesh. That's about a spoonful of peanut butter. Boy that really takes the edge off the hunger.

At least the requisite pregnancy heart burn has kicked in and due to that, I should be consuming less (or at least less quantity in any given sitting). I've given up sugar as of yesterday- no more sugar (except for some brown sugar on my oatmeal)! The heart burn and no sugar combo should suffice in my quest to stop packin' on the lbs at an unreasonable rate.

At least that's the goal. And really, I'm not too concerned about it, or thinking about it too much, nor am I obsessed with it.....not me...not at all....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miss Maribeth

one of my dearest friends, miss maribeth who now hails from NYC, made it to our humble little seattle over the weekend. i love when mb comes, it usually means a good mountain bike ride and a night out with the girls.

from the picture you can surmise that we made it out for mountain bike ride...the weather was iffy, so we headed to a fairly close stand-by, Tolt. one big climb and you're to the top- the rest of it is a series of little rolling trails. come out of one, pick another. i've been there a million times and i still get lost. somehow, doug graver managed to get us out there. the trip was super fun because i got to ride not only with mb, but holly AND seth as well as the big bonus, my husband (we ditched True at the rider's house for the day...thank you guys!). i don't know how mb manages it...but after not riding in a year she was cruising the technical sections and leaving me eating her dirt. she's just one of the best chick mtb riders i've ever encountered. i aspire to be like mb and this is just one of the reasons why... (shall i name the millions of other reasons?).

i went home, showered, napped, got all pretty like and met roberta and mb for dinner. it was pouring rain and we certainly didn't expect the pike place market restaurants to be PACKED! matt's in the market...closed. cafe compagne...1/2 hour wait to sit at the bar....etta's....1/2 hour wait, or sit at the bar...we went with etta's when we decided it would suck to walk around in the rain and get our pretty hair all wet. etta's was lovely, but really, i was there for the company. it's funny how easily 3 hours slide by when i'm gabbing with the ladies. we had so much catching up to do (even roberta and i, who live in the same damn town). it ended too soon and my time with the girls was too short, but really appreciated!

we miss mb!

Monday, August 25, 2008

6 Months and still going strong

Baby Steve is all tucked away and comfortable in my belly, even when I take him out for a 2 hour mtb ride. He likes it! When I stop, he starts kicking as if to say, "come on Mom, get moving!" I still feel pretty good, a little slow, a little big, some heart burn...but that's all normal and not worthy of complaint.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rapha, Aaron and Santa Cruz

Aaron had a big weekend with the Rapha team- his words about the ride above below:
(photo credit to Jeremy Harris,

this was a super fun day. i think we were all really tired after back to back century plus rides and three nights sleeping on a floor.

i rode with a 68 year old guy who could drop me if he wanted. 40 miles into a 70 mile ride with hot long climbs and a windy rolling section he still had full water bottles didn't need to eat and looked great. i don't even know what to say, some people are just made differently.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little Schmoopy Goes to Preschool

Today is the first day of preschool at Creative Kids for our little boy. I dropped him off at 8am this morning... there were no tears, no tantrums, no hanging on to my leg for dear life (as I expected). Instead True ran up the steps into the house, turned around and said, "Bye bye Mama".

I did come in to drop off his favorite blanket for nap time and a change of clothing in case of an "accident" (Miss Colleen does not do diapers and True's still not 100% on the potty). I sat at the art table and dallied as long as I could, reluctant to let my little boy start this new adventure. Apparently it was me who wanted to hang onto True for dear life, it was me who wanted to throw a tantrum, and it was me who cried all the way to work. While I'm ecstatic for Aaron and his new job (which he loves) and I know that this is a great thing for True, I just seem to be having a hard time coming to terms with it all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

No time for NCR

I have been trying to find 1/2 an hour to sit down and blog about the North Cacades Ride last weekend, but seriously, I don't have the time this week. Things have been insane! I'm so anxious to get the weekend story out there, pics up, awards granted...maybe this weekend.

Suffice to say, it was the BIGGEST NCR in the 30 year history of the NCR! Super cool!

So, I don't have time right now to write all about it, but I have a few minutes to highlight a Jana and Hahn, shown here on their new (to them) tandem. It's not easy to ride a single over that mountain pass (hello 40+ miles of climbing), let alone a tandem. Sure, Jan and Peter have been doing it for years, and Henry and Karen for the last 5 or so...but this was the maiden voyage for Jana and Hahn. The only other time they have ridden their tandem was to Madison Park and back, from their home in Madison. That's about 15 minutes. Compare that to 6 hours and you can get an idea of the accomplishment here. Not to mention that I don't think Jana is accustomed to long road rides.

Jana, you get the punk rock rider of the year award (and that's not just for your fashion sense). I guess Hahn is a part of that, but really, riding with you was awesome. You were fun, strong, energetic and positive. I loved it! Nice work!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Love and Hate

Aaron sent me a picture of his crossfit workout from Friday....I have to say that I'm jealous I was not there. This is the type of workout that I love, even if I hate it too. Thus, I guess, the name.

Let me try and break this work down in simple terms for those that don't know about crossfit workouts....KIDS, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! ADULTS, GO STRAIGHT TO LEVEL 4 CROSSFIT , PAY $$ AND LEARN THE PLEASURE OF THE LOVE/HATE!!

50 wall ball- this involves squatting with a medicine ball (8, 12 or 20lbs), standing up and thrusting it to the top of the green line (about 8ft), catch, repeat. Doesn't sound too hard, but trust me, you're thighs and shoulders burn at about 10.

50 KB swings- KB stands for kettlebell, an old fashion Russian training implement becoming popular in the US. It is an cast iron weight with a handle, looking much like a cannonball. They come in varying weight, adjust according to your strength. The swing involves grabbing the weight with both hands (can be done single handed), swinging between your legs and raising it up to shoulder height. It ends up taking a lot of hip motion, and the more "pop" you give it, the easier it will be to keep swinging the thing. I love the KB swing, I love the way it makes my shoulders twitch and my inner thighs hurt when I'm done!

50 DB thruster- DB stands for dumbbell, and most of you should know what those are. For the thruster, you start with the weights resting on your shoulder and then you quickly thrust it up over your head. It helps to add a little jump to your thurst, and without the jump, you'd have a hard time getting to 50. As you get stronger, you increase your weight. I love these too! I end up with bruises on my shoulders, but the burn feels good.

Run 400- sounds easy, until you've already just completed the exercises above. Your legs feel like lead. I hate running, but not as much as I used to now that I do it on a regular basis.

25 DB Deadlift- the dumbbell deadlift is can easily hurt your back if you do not perfect the movement. You start with your legs in a shoulder width stance, dumbbells on the ground, bend your knees slightly while keeping your back straight, grab your dumbbells and then stand up, hips moving forward, dumbbells ending mid thigh. Repeat. The trick is keeping your back from rounding. This movement is hard for bike racers, we're used to being hunched over our bars. Dave at Crossfit is constantly on me about my rounding back, but hasn't had to harass me as much the past few months as my body has adjusted to the movement. Deadlifts are great for building cycling power!

Run 400 (shit, really Matt?!)

25 Burpees- Oi Vey.... The burpee is a difficult exercise, but folks who can do them make it look so easy. Essentially you drop/thrust to the floor into a plank position, do a push up, your feet come back to your hands and then you stand up and jump, arms in the air. When people like Dave and Matt do a burpee, it looks like one fluid motion. When I do them, it looks like a chopped up conglomeration of about 5 different movements. I've been doing burpees for a year and I still do not look graceful. I used to get through about 12 of them before I started falling apart. At 5 1/2 mos pregnant, my modified burpee looks even more choppy.

25 KTE/KTC- (geez Matt, you really trying to put a damper on the weekend of your class...). Knees to Elbows, or modified version, Knees to Chest, is a full core engagement movement. Hang from a pull up bar and lift your knees all the way up to your elbows. You want to avoid swinging too much so that you are getting the full benefit of your core muscles. You end up really contracting and squeezing all that you have to lift your lower body that high. On my best day I can get about 5 to my elbows, but then I quickly must revert to my chest. I can still get my knees up pretty high pregnant, but elbows are a thing of the past.

25 "what you love"- awwww Matt, you're so nice! Aaron chose to do push ups. If it were me, I would have done knees to chest on the ground (others call this rowers). Better yet, I might have done 25 more kettlebell swings.

Nice workout Matt. I'm sure everybody loves to hate you. Or hates it that they actually love you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grandma Erbeck meets Baby Steve

Kathleen joined me on my 21 week ultra sound today. It was the first time that she's seen the technology, and the first good look she's had at her second grandchild, so it was exciting for all of us. Baby Steve cooperated and the technician was able to get all of the measurements needed- particularly the heart, which we were not able to get at 16 weeks.

The good news is that everything looks like it is progressing normally and we were given a thumbs up from the geneticist. There is no bad news, but additional news that we are now 100% sure that this is a baby boy, not a girl (as so many had hoped). Aaron and I have been sure in our minds since week 12 that this was a boy, but the grandmas were not convinced and still had dreams of pink. Then again, Aaron wears pink, so no reason Baby Steve can not!

Oh, and a bit about the name Baby Steve- it's really catching on and most folks refer to to him as Steve. And some folks even wonder if we are actually naming the baby Steve. While Steve is just a perfectly fine name, it's not our intention of naming him that. It was actually a bit of a joke, started by our friend Greg and well, you know how it goes, some things just stick. Rest assured we are busy throwing some apropos names around, nothing decided yet, and likely will not be announced ahead of birth (we have already shared some possible middle names and we'll leave it at that).

Anyhow, we have both grandmas and one grandpa for the next few days and that's pretty darn exciting!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's happening Here?

Who knows? But I like the picture of Ryan and Aaron, undoubtedly trying to recover from some crazy Rapha ride that involves far too much altitude gain, or a major river crossing (in bike cleats).
What we need is a good caption for this photo...please enter your caption into the comments section. The winning caption will be printed in the next New Yorker.

Tahoe Trip Part II (kind of)

The pictures from phase II of our Tahoe adventure are stuck in my phone. For some reason, I can't send them to my gmail account like I normally do. I need them, as they tell the complete story of phase II (which involves some bad road rash from a scooter accident).

Well, in short, phase II was a hoot. I had two days at the cabin with just True, Jenny, Joshua, Karen and Auntie Joan. Aaron was in Seattle, my parents were back in Yerington, tending to a very busy retired life schedule. I did some mountain biking on my own and then spent some quality time working on a tan. I haven't had a tan in years.

Joan (not Auntie Joan) and her 3 yr old daughter Taegan were the first of the crazy high school friends to arrive. Taegan is 3 going on 32. This little girl wants to be grown up so badly that she almost had me talked into paying her to babysit True. Nothing in life will stand in front of Taegan- this girl will go for it and get what she wants. hmmm, maybe reminds me just a bit of her mom....

On Saturday I ran to Reno to pickup Teri and her family, husband Ali, sons Connor and Ian. Kari and her son Jude arrived shortly after, but I didn't think they would have room in their rent a car for Teri's family. I didn't want to wait around in Tahoe to find out, only to have to drive all the way to Reno in the middle of a sunny day, so I opted to just show up. I KNEW I'd be right and Kari wouldn't have the room. Kari pulled into the driveway an hour later, in a 7 seater mini-van. whoops. So much for being right.

Julie was next to arrive with husband Spencer and two of their four kids. You heard it right, two of four. I imagine it is hard to convince two teenagers and two tweens that hanging out with mom's best friends from high school for a weekend would be a good time. The teens were off elsewhere while the tweens were stuck with us.

We all quickly fell into our old roles as friends, I pick on Teri, she picks on me, Joan laughs hysterically, Julie shakes her head, Kari keeps us all from killing each other (in fact I told Aaron that Kari is the very reason that any of us are even alive- she had good sense as a teen and managed to us out of too much trouble). It felt great to fall into the old pattern, like putting on your favorite sweatshirt. We've all weathered some hard times in our lives, but through it all, our friendships have survived. There's nothing I wouldn't do for these girls, and I'm pretty sure they feel the same way.

The two short days together were just not enough. We crammed in as many activities as we could (rafting, swimming, etc), but in the end, I have to say my favorite part was watching our kids hang out together. I had dreamed about this since high school. There were tears (and two black eyes), there were a lot of laughs, and some pensive moments. I look forward to next year and the year after and the year after and the year after, repeat.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tahoe Trip, part I

In mid-July, we packed up the Jetta (wait, is it a Jetta? I never remember what it is...) with kid and bikes and took off for a little family time in Lake Tahoe (for those of you not knowing, this is where I grew up and this is where I wish I was again living...). We estimated the the drive would take us about 13-15 hours, so we left at night when we surmised True would sleep through most of the drive. HA! True actually was an absolute trooper and the meltdowns were few- our only problem was when we decided (at 3am) that we needed to just get an hour of sleep, True decided it was play time. He jumped between the back and the front, from my lap to his dad's head, while we dozed on and off. When we finally had enough of his disco moves, we strapped him back into the car seat and drove off, and he promptly fell asleep for another 3 hours.

Aaron and I pawned off the kid to various relatives (mom, Jay, Aunt Joan, Karen) while we set out to do as much mountain biking as we possibly could. It was sunny and warm everyday and we loved every minute of it. To keep Aaron from getting bored at riding my slow pace uphill, we worked out a deal where he would ride his pace and periodically turn around and ride back to me-then up again, back down again, repeat until I made it to the top of the climb. This was great as he was able to keep tabs on his pregnant wife while getting a double work out (much needed due to the prenatal shortened length of our normal rides). The views were great, the riding super fun, and after a few days of acclimation, I felt fantastic.

I drove Aaron to the Reno airport early Thursday for him to get back to Seattle for a Rapha weekend. I was sad to see him go, my riding partner for life, but he would be back the latter part of the weekend to enjoy the craziness known as my high school girlfriends and their respective families.

Big shout out to Jenny, Joshua, Karen Harned and their exceptional babysitting skills. And Aunt Joan! True can't stop talking about Jenny and Joshua (pronounced Josh-su-shua). They generously entertained True and even let Aaron and I go out for a romantic dinner, sans the kid.

(Mom, shout out to you and Jay for all of your help too!)

A-dog Goes to work

Here's a photo Aaron sent to me today from his new job. Yes, HE IS IN A CUBICLE! But don't worry, this is not your typical cube job- he is busy working on some rather important medical technology that will assist surgeons and assure their insurance companies that they are ready to perform procedures on live humans. Aaron is very excited about the job, the company, the technology. Now if we could just figure out childcare, we'd be in good shape!