Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Wedding and Some Twins

Aaron, True and I headed to Portland Saturday afternoon for Jenna and Evert's wedding. We were staying at the Pasley/Clark chateau, so we stopped there first to unload (how do we manage to drag so much stuff for an overnight?) and get pretty for the event.

15 minutes later (so, you know, we were super pretty), we were off to the festivities. The Pasley twins came with a babysitter (smart), but alas, we weren't so lucky with True. We had expectations of dancing the night away with the little man and then taking a swim in Jenna's fabulous pool. Due to poopie pants not napping at all that day, our plan was blown apart within two hours. True had some fun playing in the stream and pond, but nothing was going to come between him and his bad mood. After tantrum #2, we decided I would take him back to the Pasley house for the rest of the night. I would miss out on the fun, but really, I'm pregnant anyway.

Aaron and Daniel closed the party down, along with the cops. I guess the neighbors had their fill of drumming bands, djs, Brazilian bands, more djs, and the finale, Brandon's band, punk enough to be sure. It was a gorgeous wedding though and it was great to catch up with many people that I have not seen for over 3 years. Margaret, Trevor, Fei, Piers, etc... everybody seems so happy and healthy. Jenna and Evert are very in love and it shows!

(incidentally, True was sleeping within 30 seconds of getting into his car seat. He didn't even wake up for the transfer from car to crib).

The next day True and I hung out with Clarkie and the twins (Otto and Oliver) while Aaron and Daniel went for a short ride. The twins are 9 mos younger than True, and just about his size. These kids are healthy! They look great with their hair (it's new!) and their backyard suntans. I'm amazed at their athletic prowess and I gotta hand it to Mieke- she's amazing with these two active toddlers. Everybody had a great time in the dirt boxes- True and the twins bonded over dirt clots. What is it about boys and dirt??

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