Monday, June 23, 2008

Peter's Bday Bike Ride

no picture of Peter...or the ride...but here are some cute pictures of True and Aaron eating ice cream at the official Peter Seitel Birthday Bike Ride Bothell Landing ice cream stop.

Peter's birthday bike ride is a family affair- a slow ride (so kids can come) out to Woodinville Winery with many rest stops along the way. No lycra, no racing kits allowed. No need for it, no sweating at this pace leisurely pace!

This year Aaron and True went without mom- I had better things to do like have pregnancy hormonal freak outs. In any event, True traveled in the trusty Ibert and then promptly fell asleep on the way home. Aaron spent the last 10 miles riding with one hand while he held True's head up with the other. Poor kid. Poor Aaron! Apparently my husband had tried to call me no less than 3 times to get a ride home, and here I was shopping at the UVillage sidewalk sale, phone tucked away deep inside my purse, well away from hearing range. Whoops. Sorry baby! (I did find a great deal on some cute baskets to hold toys and such in True's bedroom though...if it makes anybody feel better).

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