Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's the New Me!

In general, I've had the same haircut for 4 years. Sure, I change the color depending on my mood and the season, but the cut is generally the same- give or take an inch. I decided to end all of that on Tuesday night. I've threatened to cut bangs before, only to have my stylist talk me out of it by telling me that I'll actually have to style it after washing. That always sounded like too much of a bother. And, as Elizabeth always reminds me, my head is in a helmet at least twice a day and everything gets all sweaty and any styling I've attempted will be proven futile a few miles into my ride. It's also a well known fact that my hair grows incredibly slow and if I hated the bangs it would be an eternity before they grew back out.

Well, I'm pregnant, riding a little less, and my hair is growing fast. No better time than the present to try a new haircut. The result is great! I love it! I don't even mind styling it! And I raced last night, my head got all sweaty, but my hair still looked cute!

And my husband said I look younger! (remind to go back to Derby salon and give Elizabeth a better tip).

I know what you are thinking....Damn, Tracy is hard up for something to blog about. What can I say? It's a slow day in Trueland and Baby Steveville.

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