Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dave Rider's Bday Ride

Every year Dave Rider puts together a small group of his friends to go do a bike assult around Mt. Rainier. Aaron has been waiting to become one of the elite, to join this group and ride around the mountain. For those not realizing how difficult this is- route dependant, this can take hours and invlove a fair amount of climbing miles (12+k feet of climbing). It's painful, but the reward is breath taking (if the weather cooperates).

Well, 2008 is the year that Aaron gets the invite. After some scrambling, some begging, he managed to arrange for our neighbor Sarah to watch True in the morning and I took the afternoon shift.

Aaron departed Seattle at 7am and returned close to 8pm. They couldn't have had better weather- sunny and mild, no wind. A 20 mile section of their route was closed to traffic, but the road crew let them through. That's a cyclist's dream! 20 miles of mountain pavement in good weather without a single vehicle! They did pay the price to get there by walking a mile through a snowfield (in cleats and carrying bikes no less), but I didn't hear about anyone complaining.

The picture Aaron snapped (clicked?) with his i-phone, and you get a good idea of how much water is presently going through the rivers. It was a big snow year and it's finally starting to melt (don't let this and Seattle's unseasonably cool temperatures fool you- global warming is a very real problem).

Happy Birthday Dave Rider! Thanks for taking Aaron out for a much deserved day of pain and kid/pregnant wife free time!

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