Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bavarian Village Bound!

I'm really getting excited for a little mountain biking trip that Aaron and I are going on in two weeks. First, because I love mountain biking (even pregnant I find great joy in single track!). Second, because this will be our first trip without the kid EVER. True will be under the safe watch of Grandma Erbeck. We can't thank her enough for the 36 hours (or so) of solitude!

Leavenworth, Washington is our destination. So many people groan and roll their eyes when I say that...but those folks obviously do not mountain bike or rock climb or river raft or kayak. The place is a magnet for folks wanting good single track! In the 1980's (or so), Leavenworth was an old timber town, slowly dying off and in danger of closing up shop for good. The city council had a brilliant idea to transform this quaint oasis in the mountains into a Bavarian style village. Brilliant! Name everything "....Der Hoff" and the people will come! Have an Oktoberfest! Sell brats! Build a town square and schedule the townsfolk to dress like Hansel and Gretel!

The transformation worked and the town is alive and vibrant. It's funny to see some of the Northwest's most talented athletes drinking ale at the same place as an Iowan tourist (complete with maps, camera, guidebooks). As they takes a village!

We'll be staying at our usual cheap cabin/shack, "Bindlestiff's", located slightly out of town on the river. It's not glamorous, but this is where we fell in love. What more could I want?

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