Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It's 68f and that's good enough in the Northwest to call it summer! The sky is clear, there's a slight breeze and all the *young* people are wearing shorts and flip flops. Honestly, I'm still wearing a light jacket today, but I did manage to get a little pink during my lunch hour, so I'm saying summer is a go. Aaron, Enzo and True took advantage of the sunshine to lunch in the park near the Ballard Locks. Wish I could have been there!

Star Bellied Sneetch

You gotta admit....the kid looks just like a star bellied sneetch.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Peter's Bday Bike Ride

no picture of Peter...or the ride...but here are some cute pictures of True and Aaron eating ice cream at the official Peter Seitel Birthday Bike Ride Bothell Landing ice cream stop.

Peter's birthday bike ride is a family affair- a slow ride (so kids can come) out to Woodinville Winery with many rest stops along the way. No lycra, no racing kits allowed. No need for it, no sweating at this pace leisurely pace!

This year Aaron and True went without mom- I had better things to do like have pregnancy hormonal freak outs. In any event, True traveled in the trusty Ibert and then promptly fell asleep on the way home. Aaron spent the last 10 miles riding with one hand while he held True's head up with the other. Poor kid. Poor Aaron! Apparently my husband had tried to call me no less than 3 times to get a ride home, and here I was shopping at the UVillage sidewalk sale, phone tucked away deep inside my purse, well away from hearing range. Whoops. Sorry baby! (I did find a great deal on some cute baskets to hold toys and such in True's bedroom though...if it makes anybody feel better).

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rapha in Hood River

Aaron set off on Thursday night for Hood River to embark on the latest Rapha crazy escapade- 125 miles of riding with countless feet of climbing.  True and I were on our own for two nights (hello chick flick!).
Looks like the Rapha boys had agreeable weather, although a little hot (90f).  It's pretty odd to not have wind in the Hood River area- they were lucky to not battling head winds.  That would have made the ride all that more intense.

I love both of these river shots with Aaron and Hahn.  The Columbia looks peaceful. In fact, I've  never seen it like that. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ibert safe-T-seat

Take a look at the link below, Aaron and True made the photo page at Ibert Inc, the company the manufactures the front mounted bike seat that we use daily. If you are thinking about a mounted bike seat for your kid, Ibert is our recommendation. It rules! True loves being in the seat, and there's not a person that you pass that does not smile and give a nod. It's just so cute!

(if the link does not work, go to ibertinc.com, select the photo page, go to page 3)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dave Rider's Bday Ride

Every year Dave Rider puts together a small group of his friends to go do a bike assult around Mt. Rainier. Aaron has been waiting to become one of the elite, to join this group and ride around the mountain. For those not realizing how difficult this is- route dependant, this can take hours and invlove a fair amount of climbing miles (12+k feet of climbing). It's painful, but the reward is breath taking (if the weather cooperates).

Well, 2008 is the year that Aaron gets the invite. After some scrambling, some begging, he managed to arrange for our neighbor Sarah to watch True in the morning and I took the afternoon shift.

Aaron departed Seattle at 7am and returned close to 8pm. They couldn't have had better weather- sunny and mild, no wind. A 20 mile section of their route was closed to traffic, but the road crew let them through. That's a cyclist's dream! 20 miles of mountain pavement in good weather without a single vehicle! They did pay the price to get there by walking a mile through a snowfield (in cleats and carrying bikes no less), but I didn't hear about anyone complaining.

The picture Aaron snapped (clicked?) with his i-phone, and you get a good idea of how much water is presently going through the rivers. It was a big snow year and it's finally starting to melt (don't let this and Seattle's unseasonably cool temperatures fool you- global warming is a very real problem).

Happy Birthday Dave Rider! Thanks for taking Aaron out for a much deserved day of pain and kid/pregnant wife free time!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fat Lady Pants

It's official ladies and gentleman. I can no longer wear my favorite pair of jeans. It's obscene at this point. I was holding out, hoping to get to at least 16 weeks before maternity clothing, but it ain't happening. I wonder if Steve is going to be a big baby? Or maybe the early transition is due to the copious amount of consumed ice cream. Oh, and let's not forget the potato chips.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We love Crossfit!

Aaron's going to kill me for posting this picture of him...but damn! Do you see the guns on this boy?! Kudos to Matt, Aaron's trainer (who happens also to be our neighbor and friend), and to Aaron for doing all the work.

For those of you who do not know what Crossfit is, take a look at this website: crossfitseattle.com

This is the type of training that Aaron and I find we are able to fit into our schedules. It is intense, it is hard, and it is a BLAST! The combination of weight and cardio really kicks a body into shape. The Crossfit motto is "Our warm-up is your work-out". Don't let it scare you though- anybody can do these workouts with small adjustments made to your intensity or weight. Love it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bavarian Village Bound!

I'm really getting excited for a little mountain biking trip that Aaron and I are going on in two weeks. First, because I love mountain biking (even pregnant I find great joy in single track!). Second, because this will be our first trip without the kid EVER. True will be under the safe watch of Grandma Erbeck. We can't thank her enough for the 36 hours (or so) of solitude!

Leavenworth, Washington is our destination. So many people groan and roll their eyes when I say that...but those folks obviously do not mountain bike or rock climb or river raft or kayak. The place is a magnet for folks wanting good single track! In the 1980's (or so), Leavenworth was an old timber town, slowly dying off and in danger of closing up shop for good. The city council had a brilliant idea to transform this quaint oasis in the mountains into a Bavarian style village. Brilliant! Name everything "....Der Hoff" and the people will come! Have an Oktoberfest! Sell brats! Build a town square and schedule the townsfolk to dress like Hansel and Gretel!

The transformation worked and the town is alive and vibrant. It's funny to see some of the Northwest's most talented athletes drinking ale at the same place as an Iowan tourist (complete with maps, camera, guidebooks). As they say...it takes a village!

We'll be staying at our usual cheap cabin/shack, "Bindlestiff's", located slightly out of town on the river. It's not glamorous, but this is where we fell in love. What more could I want?

It's the New Me!

In general, I've had the same haircut for 4 years. Sure, I change the color depending on my mood and the season, but the cut is generally the same- give or take an inch. I decided to end all of that on Tuesday night. I've threatened to cut bangs before, only to have my stylist talk me out of it by telling me that I'll actually have to style it after washing. That always sounded like too much of a bother. And, as Elizabeth always reminds me, my head is in a helmet at least twice a day and everything gets all sweaty and any styling I've attempted will be proven futile a few miles into my ride. It's also a well known fact that my hair grows incredibly slow and if I hated the bangs it would be an eternity before they grew back out.

Well, I'm pregnant, riding a little less, and my hair is growing fast. No better time than the present to try a new haircut. The result is great! I love it! I don't even mind styling it! And I raced last night, my head got all sweaty, but my hair still looked cute!

And my husband said I look younger! (remind to go back to Derby salon and give Elizabeth a better tip).

I know what you are thinking....Damn, Tracy is hard up for something to blog about. What can I say? It's a slow day in Trueland and Baby Steveville.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snow in June?

I'm a little jealous of some of the warm weather I see in Wisconsin and the East Coast. We're having the coldest June since 1864 (or something) in Seattle. I'm still turning on the heater (much to Aaron's chagrin)! I'm wearing a scarf today! It's snowing in the mountain passes- only 40 minutes east of here. wtf?!!!!! I hate to complain about the weather, after all, in general, I actually like Seattle weather. But honestly, this is ridiculous. I'm ready to spend True and Baby Steve's college money for a trip down south to Mexico. I need warmth! I need sun! I'd like to sweat because of the temperature and not because I'm pushing a barbell over my head. sheesh!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Peanut

It's early, but the tech says we're getting another boy. She couldn't give us the 100%, but that's what we're going with. We're thinking of naming him Steve. This kid has a prominent proboscis just like his mother's. Poor kid.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Rabbit Died

this picture speaks for itself. I guess we'll need to rename the blog, since, if all goes well, it won't be "all true" come December 17th. Let us know if you have any good renaming suggestions.....