Monday, May 19, 2008

Play time!

wow, it has been an unreal amount of time since I have updated our blog. I guess we have a lot going on! I think almost anybody can say that about their lives...things just seem to start spinning out of control and it's hard to remember to sit down and reflect.

But I digress....the real reason for the post is to show a pic of True's new play structure. Isn't it cute? Isn't he cute?! True and I went over to the Rider's house and drooled over Jaxon and Ethan's new playhouse. True had so much fun that it was hard to tear him away. I knew then that I had to find something for our backyard for True and Papa Bear. A quick Craig's List search and BAM! A really cute used play structure. Not entirely cheap, but well worth the money. Now I'm dreaming of warm summer days laying in the grass, watching True climb up and go down. Climb up and go down. Repeat X 100.

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