Thursday, April 17, 2008

All in a Day

I ride my bike to work most days. Rain, shine, snow, you name it. Every morning I am tasked with packing bag with everything I might need for the day. It varies, depending on my mood, or if I'm working out before hand, if I have a meeting, etc... Occasionally, my brain misfires and I end up forgetting to bring something important. If it's lunch- no big deal, I can get something decent on campus. It's entirely another problem if the missing item is clothing (usually a bra), or god forbid, my makeup bag. Then it's a phone call to Aaron where I beg and plead my case (such, as, my boobs will jiggle without my bra...or I can't open my office and let anybody see me if I don't have lipgloss on). Aaron's pretty much a saint, and he loads up the needed items and the kids and then rescues this damsel in distress.

Today, it was shoes. I forgot my shoes. I just couldn't fathom spending the day walking around in bike cleats. Surely there would be a mishap and I'd end up falling on my face. Not to mention that my bike shoes don't go with today's outfit.

Aaron dragged the kids to the building to bring me shoes and spend a little time for a visit. It's so great to have True and Enzo come to see me at work. They are a hit! Today they chased bubbles in the Atrium- entertainment provided by Sofia, our resident barista.

And thankfully, my shoes match my outfit.

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