Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aaron Goes Mountain Biking!

Aaron needed a little sunshine and time with his buddies, so off he went for 5 days to Fruita,CO, with Greg, Darren, Ben and Rob. He worked fervishly the week before the trip to repair and paint his Erbeck single speed (pictured). The hard work paid off, his bike is beautful.

Aaron reported in each evening with the daily ride- all sounding like true epics. I took the phone calls, happy to hear is voice...but his concentration was clearly on the moment with his friends. He sounded exhausted and euphoric. A little shot of jealousy runs through my veins as he describes his singletrack moments.

In the meantime, True and I managed to thoroughly trash the house, the car, eat all the food, buy more, eat all of that, take lazy naps, go see bike races, shoot some hoops...and enjoy some much needed mom-son time.

We both missed Aaron, waking up each morning to search all the rooms in the house...dreaming that perhaps we somehow would find him tinkering with a bike, fixing something, building something....

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