Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Big Pay Out

I really can't believe that we did not win the Mega Millions Lottery last night.  All of our hard work (going to the corner store and buying the ticket) and planning (all 5 minutes of it) was futile. 

Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine's Day with my men

I just love Valentine's Day.  It's such a good excuse to drink sparkling wine.  I mean, who really needs an excuse?  Well, sometimes it seems I have to justify my habit.  

I came home from work to find my two boys had made me the sweetest card, complete with red hearts and lots of orange scribbles (True is fantastic at the scribbles).  Aaron bought me a box of hand made truffles from a local maker- Chocolati (more on this later).  We ate a few and then changed into some warm clothes to embark on a tandem ride, complete with little man towed behind in the Chariot.  Everybody loves a tandem ride!  

We made the quick trip to a fabulous and quaint local cocktail lounge, Oliver's Twist.  The place is really cute-  perfect lighting (dim as all hell), romantic, and (the best part), they allow kids in the front part of the lounge!  We figured we would score a window seat, sip cocktails, and discuss just how smart and cute True happens to be.   True, of course, would be well behaved and charm surrounding patrons. 

Well, things aren't always as you would dream them to be.... It took a while to get our coveted window seat-  the place was packed with Valentine couples.   While we waited, we sat at some high stools with True precariously balanced next to Aaron.  Hard to get a high energy boy to sit still!  By the time we finally sat at a table we were well into our second cocktail and True was showing signs of melt down mode.   We worked pretty hard to keep him entertained so that we wouldn't start to get those looks from people that clearly state distain.   It was work, but I still wouldn't have wanted it any other way-  we are a family, a unit.  We celebrate that way.   For the most part folks did not seem to care much,  and we even had one couple give us a thumbs up while they were on their way out.  My guess is other parents were jealous and secretly regretted booking a babysitter. 

So, we had fun.  Before I close that chapter, I do have to say that they food there is just great-  small plates, you can order lots of different stuff.  Our cocktail waitress was very nice, very patient and really cute.  Loved her style- be 22 again!

We bundled back up, rode home, got the kid to bed and opened another bottle of bubbly.  We spent the next hour catching up, enjoying the solitude and falling in love all over again.  

Sooooooo, what this brings me to is what happened last night when I went to get one of my Valentine's truffles.  GONE.  Gone, baby, gone.  Aaron quickly admitted finishing them off (uhm, we're not talking just a few here).   He's an admitted chocolofile.  He can't be in a room with the stuff and NOT eat it.  He said point blank, "I'm not to be trusted around chocolate of that caliber."  He might of prefaced it with a "I love you, but..."

ahh well.  Better him than me, I guess.